A whole new, digital document experience

One of the most significant issues that organisations face today is the tremendous growth of data, combined with their trouble in managing it more efficiently. How can businesses take back control, and get their employees to refocus on the essential things? We set ourselves the challenge and came up with a solution:

Let’s automate your document storage. Let’s drastically reduce the time it takes you to search for something. Let’s make your job fun again. Let’s transform your office into a workplace of the future.

Welcome to the AMAGNO 5 Digital Workplace.

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All-New Design

Find out more about AMAGNO’s completely revamped interface and get back to being creative again

Living Documents™

Surf through your documents like never before. Watch your documents come to life. Everything is clickable and searchable.

Document Recognition

Automatically capture data from documents, display structures, and train AMAGNO to recognise future documents.

Advanced User Rights

Our innovative function-related permissions with rules are more accurate than classic file systems.

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Completely new design

A digital workplace that puts user enjoyment first. An enjoyment that is guaranteed by beauty, simplicity and usefulness.

With AMAGNO 5 we have created the most attractive, clean, and easy to use digital workplace you can find.

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The user interface has been reduced to give a clear focus on the file preview display. AMAGNO conceals operating areas while they are not needed.


AMAGNO automatically recognises touch devices and adjusts itself, like with extra space in the menus for example.


This is your own personal digital workplace. AMAGNO saves lots of your specific actions in order to offer them to you again.

Dockable Dialogs

You can place an AMAGNO dialog side-by-side with your other business apps, like your accounting software for example.


AMAGNO is now even more accessible, allowing you to come up with your own keyboard combinations.

Zoom from lists views through to previews

Switch quickly between list views, thumbnail, and even straight to full-page views.

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AMAGNO Living Documents™

AMAGNO 5 is a breakthrough in digital office technology, we bring your documents to life.

Just like you do in an internet browser, you can skim through your different documents, files and emails simply by clicking on a keyword in the full-page preview.

Click anything to start a search

AMAGNO can recognise every word your files contain. Just click to start searching for files that contain that keyword.

Full Document Preview

AMAGNO automatically creates previews for more than one hundred file formats. No need to open a separate app to view your document!

Windows Clipboard

Select keywords and text that you need to have access to in your Windows PC clipboard, like for example when you need to copy bank account details to pay an invoice.

Source Preview

After bringing up your search results, AMAGNO will automatically switch to the first page of the document that contains the desired term or keyword, highlighting it in colour.

Scroll and Zoom

Quickly browse through your documents, zoom in and out and switch straight to the page number of your choice.

Notes, Memos and Signatures

Use your digital pen or touchscreen to add handwritten annotations or even signatures right from the document preview view without even having to open it.

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Data Magnets and Document Recognition

Whether a word document, PDF invoice, email or even a scanned receipt: the time for manually typing in every number you need is over.

By simply clicking on keywords, numbers and values, you can enter data and automatically train AMAGNO 5 to recognise other documents.

AMAGNO 5 Magnetise engl - AMAGNO 5

Click, Capture & Train

By simply clicking on keywords or numbers in the document preview, you can capture data for use in external apps and train AMAGNO 5 to recognise them again.

Document recognition

AMAGNO automatically recognises the same documents, extracts the data and sorts the documents according to the tags you set up.

Automatic Database Queries

Connect AMAGNO to external SQL databases and it will automatically retrieve data from external sources based on the values it recognises.

No More Duplicated Data

AMAGNO protects you against data being entered twice by double-checking all document data that has been automatically or manually recorded.

Flexible Document Processing

With AMAGNO you can decide exactly how documents should be processed; whether automatically or if they should be manually checked.

Document Types and Tags

Define as many different document types as you need, e.g. Invoices, HR Contracts, Receipts etc. Specify the information that is relevant to you, e.g. via a serial interface.

AMAGNO 5 Permissions - AMAGNO 5

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Advanced permissions

AMAGNO 5 comes with an all-new, very dynamic, rule-based user rights system. It is based on the concept of office departments or teams, applied to document types and tags, as well as their values and information.

We’re confident that AMAGNO 5 offers the most accurate, secure and dynamic user rights system currently available on the market.

User Groups

Set up different user groups depending on your business or function needs (e.g. by department, team, or by job function.)

Dynamic Permissions

Automatic permission updates linked to workflows and meta-data, i.e. changes occur when a trusted stamp is placed on a document.

Highly Specific Permissions

AMAGNO allows you to set up specific user rights to perform specified functions for individual documents, e.g. to place documents into storage

Structural or Function-Specific User Rights

Complete freedom to pick and choose between structural, or function-related permissions.

Global Permissions

Set up overall user rights for each storage vault / client for all of the essential software functions.

Share Permissions

You can automatically hand-down user rights to sub-structures.

And much more …

AMAGNO 5 comes with more than one hundred new and revamped functions to make it even easier to deal with your digital documents, letting you focus on the important things again, and get back to creating value for your company.