10. April 2018

AMAGNO Expands Rapidly, Quadruples Office Space

AMAGNO Expands Rapidly, Quadruples Office Space

A significant increase in national and international demand for Enterprise Content Management solutions (ECM) led to a faster than expected expansion for the Digital Workplace software producer AMAGNO. ECM producer AMAGNO from Oldenburg is once again significantly increasing its workforce and quadrupling its office space after only one year.

As of April 2018, the former PwC office (130-132 Bloherfelder Straße) in Oldenburg will be the new Headquarters of the talented AMAGNO team, measuring just under 14,000 sq. ft. of creative office space. Therefore, AMAGNO quadruples its office space compared to the previous offices located on Nadorster Straße, which it moved into less than a year ago.

The new AMAGNO HQ in Lower Saxony’s Silicon Valley offers new opportunities not only just for employees, but also for customers and visitors as well. Large training rooms with state-of-the-art technology will make sure that AMAGNO training sessions and business presentations will live up to the company’s innovative and award-winning document management experience.

AMAGNO team members now have numerous new common areas as well as their own lunch area with a large outdoor balcony and terrace. The new offices provide even more agile working options, with many areas for design, conception and sprint meetings. Also, there is now more than enough space to allow all interested team members to participate in the Daily Scrum Meeting.

Most recently, AMAGNO was named one of the Top 100 Best Office Products of 2018 by the well-known German Magazine for Modern Office Work Das Büro. Furthermore, AMAGNO was recently named best ECM by Europe’s most influential, most successful tech website and Germany’s leading IT magazine ComputerBILD in their 2018 Trusted Solutions Awards.

With over 20,000 users and over 10 million files in the AMAGNO Business Cloud (Germany-Based ? Secure Data Storage), the AMAGNO Digital Workplace is one of the leading Document Management and Enterprise Content Management Solutions in Germany, which continues to serve hundreds of business customers at home and abroad.


Salvatore Coppola-Finegan
Internationalisation Manager. With high-level achievements on four continents, as well as a double M.A. from St Andrews, Salvatore is responsible for developing new markets for AMAGNO around the world.

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