24. September 2018

AMAGNO Extends Digital Workplace Experience to Companies in Southeast Asia with DITTO Thailand Partnership

AMAGNO Extends Digital Workplace Experience to Companies in Southeast Asia with DITTO Thailand Partnership

AMAGNO, one of Germany’s fastest growing digital companies and developer of the most advanced, single-solution document management system available for knowledge workers everywhere is extremely pleased to announce its new AMAGNO Partnership with DITTO (Thailand) P.C.L., with a view to serve the markets of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar.

The new international AMAGNO Partnership aims to bring all the benefits of AMAGNO electronic document management On-Premise and in the Cloud to both Private and Public sectors in Thailand, and across Southeast Asia.

This new AMAGNO Partnership to provide the Digital Workplace experience for SMEs and Enterprise customers in Southeast Asia represents the continued growth of both companies, driven by demand for new digitalization services.

“The AMAGNO Digital Workplace empowers people to transform their workplaces by letting them use the power of digitalisation to improve efficiency, productivity, and enjoy their work more. An AMAGNO Partnership with DITTO will help companies in Thailand and Asia use the most innovative Digital Workplace DMS and ECM to automate their work with a secure, audit-proof software.” said Jens Büscher, AMAGNO Founder and CEO.

“We’re a customer-centric company. DITTO has always tried a different approach to serve our customers best. You can’t treat all customers in the same way, because all have unique needs. At DITTO we prepare ourselves for all types of needs to best serve our customers. The intuitive AMAGNO DMS and ECM solution is the key to make work processes easier for customers, we are delighted with the new AMAGNO Partnership,” said Takorn Rattanakamolporn, CEO of DITTO.

The AMAGNO DMS provides users with an interactive document experience and small or large previews of any file format, from any source. AMAGNO is industry-independent and fully-scaleable enterprise software that gives users full control over data and audit-proof digital workflows, offering the same features on On-Premise, Hybrid and Public Cloud hosting options.


AMAGNO was founded by Jens Büscher in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony (Germany), in 2010. With an almost annual doubling of turnover and staff, AMAGNO is one of the fastest growing digital companies in Germany. The AMAGNO Digital Workplace is used throughout Europe as a leading Electronic Document Management System. AMAGNO is currently expanding worldwide with its AMAGNO Partnership Programme. Read more here at About Us: The AMAGNO Story

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DITTO was founded in 2001 and provides services to public and private companies throughout Thailand and abroad including hardware, software and a range of document services (invoice processing service, scanning services, insurance processing services, etc.) DITTO has an award-winning support and maintenance network nationwide, and recently went Public in 2016. For more info: www.dittothailand.com

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Salvatore Coppola-Finegan
Internationalisation Manager. With high-level achievements on four continents, as well as a double M.A. from St Andrews, Salvatore is responsible for developing new markets for AMAGNO around the world.

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