21. November 2019

AMAGNO with high customer satisfaction in 2019

AMAGNO with high customer satisfaction in 2019

The entire AMAGNO team is proud: Users and customers of AMAGNO Digital Workplace solutions in the company (On Premise) and in the Business Cloud attest the Oldenburg DMS solution a recommendation rate of 83 percent. This result was just one of many large-scale customer surveys conducted by AMAGNO. In the fall of this year, the DMS manufacturer surveyed its nearly 400 On Premise customers and over 20,000 users of the AMAGNO Business Cloud on various topics and services provided by the company.

High recommendation rate and user acceptance

As a result, 83 percent of all users and customers would recommend AMAGNO to others. 75 percent experience a significant improvement in their daily work with digital filing and business processes. User acceptance is particularly positive at 72 percent, as many decisions to introduce ECM software are still made top-down. For this reason, user acceptance is a very relevant indicator for a successfully functioning software solution.

Knowledge portal on subscription basis instead of classic support desired

The proposal to offer a central knowledge portal with e-learning, online certifications, How-Tos, online workshops and much more in the future as a monthly subscription crystallized into a preferred new service platform with 72 percent compared to classic support.

Accounting and contract management are leading the way

Already the representative survey of the Bitkom Research to the Digital Office in the middle class confirmed the relevance for ECM and DMS in enterprises. The digital mapping of accounting and contract management has already achieved a high implementation rate in companies. The following areas are project management and human resources, which can also be ideally mapped with AMAGNO. Digital work in the areas of production, development and marketing is of little relevance to the respondents, which is why the use of specialized solutions can be assumed here.

Further development in Workflow and Cloud

AMAGNO continued to ask users about topics that will be much more important in future product development.

It was clear beforehand that AMAGNO’s collaboration focus would change significantly in the implementation of workflows. This also influences all related topics, such as the provision of interfaces, position data acquisition and much more.

Unexpectedly high, however, and thus also first place, was the strong desire to connect AMAGNO to the cloud ecosystem for applications such as Office365, Google Drive, Slack, Jira, Box, Dropbox and many more.


The focus on the implementation of the invoice receipt with its associated workflows played the main role in the favoured interfaces. Here, the interfaces to SAP, NAV, Sage and the DATEV solutions were particularly in the foreground.

The high number of ERP, CRM and FiBu solutions also demonstrated the special nature of medium-sized businesses. Although AMAGNO already supplies a good portfolio of generic and standardized import and export options, 29 percent wanted deeper integration into many small unknown solutions. In the future, AMAGNO will look for even stronger integration partners based on the REST API.


Feedback is of immense importance for companies to make their products and services even more customer-oriented. Jens Büscher, CEO of AMAGNO, therefore sums up his pleasure unerringly:

“I am delighted with how many companies took part in the survey. We are pleased to be able to take into account and incorporate the large number of constructive feedback and valuable suggestions for improvement in our product development in the near future. I am also pleased with the high recommendation rate of our software. The whole team works every day with passion to facilitate the work with files, receipts, emails and workflows in such a way that one can concentrate on one’s core activities.”

AMAGNO’s CEO concludes: “We would like to thank all participants for their great and valuable feedback”.

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