All notable changes between different AMAGNO versions

Why do we have our changelog on our website? At AMAGNO we believe in making it easier for everyone involved to see precisely which important changes have been made between each release (or version) of our software.

Who is interested in the AMAGNO changelog? Many more people than you might imagine! Whether current end users, potential new customers, partners or developers: the people who experience our Digital Workplace are human beings who care about what’s in the software. When AMAGNO software changes, people want to know why and how.

Update AMAGNO 5.9.13 (May, 5th 2020)

General changes

  • Lots of performance and stability improvements
  • “Execute URL” Action before stamping begins

Update AMAGNO 5.6.20 (December 5 2019)

General changes

  • User groups can now be used for stamps
  • In the AMAGNO Business Cloud Germany and for configured AMAGNO On Premise installations, FTP access can be activated directly in the vault. For AMAGNO Business Cloud customers the monthly costs for FTP and its configuration are no longer necessary. Details for the configuration are available in the documentation via
  • Support for import mails from Office 365 ATP

Update AMAGNO 5.8.11 (Febr. 22th 2020)

General changes

  • Stamping problems fixed

Update AMAGNO 5.6.12 (Oct. 26nd 2019)

New Highlight Feature

We have significantly improved the data quality of text recognition for magnetization and OCR with our new AMAGNO Content Merge technology. AMAGNO now internally renders the best quality data from OCR and a searchable PDF together.

Changes for On Premise Servers

  • Define default values for the magnetization
  • Sort by file size
  • (De)activate automatic image rotation per vault
  • Experience numerous performance and stability optimizations

Update AMAGNO 5.5.6 (Sept. 14nd 2019)

New Highlight Feature

AMAGNO now allows stamping with optical stamps for many files simultaneously. Simply mark several files in the tasks or a corresponding magnet using the multiple selection, which may receive the same optical stamp. Then use the object bar to set the desired optical stamp. All files will then receive the stamp. For the stamp position, AMAGNO uses the standard position of the stamp.

Changes for On Premise Servers

  • Automatic renaming of files with the same name when imported via AMAGNO printer and when using a template.
  • Create folders via Web API.
  • Manage values of a selection tag via Web API.
  • Several performance optimizations in the client for Windows and Mobile Explorer.

Update AMAGNO 5.4.14 (Sept. 2nd 2019)

Changes for On Premise Servers

  • Improved stability of the server installer

Update AMAGNO 5.4.12 (Aug. 26th 2019)

General Changes

  • Performance and stability improvements

Update AMAGNO 5.4.8 (Aug. 8th 2019)

Changes for Users

  • A new “Magnet is” option for Read-Permission- Rule available

General Changes

  • You can now stamp documents via the RESTful API
  • Improvement when working with higher display resolutions, e.g. when
    using Drag & Drop
  • Numerous performance and stability improvements

Changes for On Premise Servers

  • Updates can now be carried out independently of pending
    server tasks
  • Setup now supports installation on an existing empty Azure SQL
    AMAGNO Database
  • Whitelist for logins during and after maintenance period, e.g. so Admins
    can run system tests following an AMAGNO Update

Update AMAGNO 5.3.16

Changes for Users

  • The client now connects to port 80. Port 808 is no longer required.
  • Click&Fill now shows headings for Multi-Tag Groups.
  • When using more than 50 tags, Click&Fill now displays Tags organised by Tag Groups.
  • When opening a vault you will now start at the last position (folder/magnet).
  • Improved preview of PDF forms/layers.
  • New column for file size in the column view.
  • Stamp blocking process has been improved
  • Numerous performance and stability improvements

Update AMAGNO 5.2.26

Changes for Users

  • The search for selection tags has been fixed. (AMD-3579)
  • Stability improvements (AMD-3376, AMD-3606)

Update AMAGNO 5.2.25

Changes for Users

  • Stability improvements (AMD-3606)

Update AMAGNO 5.2.24

Changes for Users

  • Easily readable selection tag values in the stamp action XML export file (AMD-3427)
  • Stamping of multiple documents has been improved. (AMD-3508)

Update AMAGNO 5.2.15

Changes for Users

  • The preview dialog is now independent from the main client dialog and therefore enables a much better comparison of documents and workflows (AMD-3231).
  • You can now link to documents in the separate preview window via Drag & Drop from documents in the content view as well as the full-page preview. (AMD-3307, AMD-3308)
  • You can now see linked documents for source and target documents in the Toolbox (AMD-3132)
  • The “Export data” stamp action now also supports the output of Multi-Tag Groups via XML export (AMD-3110)
  • Improvement of names and tooltips in magnetisation (AMD-3130, AMD-3131)
  • Improvements in Drag & Drop with shortcuts (AMD-2972, AMD-3246)
  • Update and display enhancements (AMD-3246, AMD-3296, AMD-3299, AMD-2832, AMD-3043, AMD-3056, AMD-3101, AMD-3117, AMD-3160, AMD-3170, AMD-3206, AMD-3213, AMD-3039, AMD-3163, AMD-3205, AMD-3277, AMD-3282)
  • Performance improvements (AMD-3377, AMD-3384, AMD-3051, AMD-2984)
  • Stability improvements (AMD-3267, AMD-2796, AMD-2920, AMD-3012, AMD-3257, AMD-3272, AMD-3294, AMD-3435, AMD-3447, AMD-3432)
  • Azure AD support improvements (AMD-3321, AMD-3325)

General changes

  • RESTful API supports date restrictions in search (AMD-3035)
  • RESTful API supports selection features in search (AMD-3036)
  • RESTful API supports deletion and permanent deletion of documents (AMD-3271, AMD-3275)
  • RESTful API improvements (AMD-3080)
  • Magnetisation improvements (AMD-3289, AMD-3349(
  • Stability improvements (AMD-3145, AMD-3250)
  • File Import improvements (AMD-3249, AMD-3261)
  • Scan Import improvements (AMD-3300)
  • Email Import improvements (AMD-3281)
  • Corrections to WebDAV (AMD-3116)
  • General Improvements (AMD-3232, AMD-3237, AMD-2456, AMD-3265, AMD-3310, AMD-3358)

Changes for AMAGNO On-Premise

  • Support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AMD-3149, AMD-3367, AMD-3323, AMD-3321, AMD-3337)
  • Support for the Microsoft Azure SQL (AMD-2947)
  • Improvement of system logging for performance analysis (AMD-2996, AMD-3373)

Update AMAGNO 5.1.191

General Changes

  • Support of Azure Active Directory (AMD-3149)
  • The preview dialog isn’t modal anymore (AMD-3231)
  • Magnetisation improvements (AMD-3349)
  • The stamp action “export” supports the export of mutli-tag groups. (AMD-3110)

Update AMAGNO 5.1.111

General Changes

  • Serverside scan import ignores temporary files (AMD-3249)

Update AMAGNO 5.1.90

General Changes

  • Magnetisation improvements (AMD-3126)
  • Date tags can be automatically reset to the beginning of the day. (AMD-3168)
  • The AMAGNO Web API has been extended to include further search options. (AMD-3000, AMD-3048)
  • Various general program improvements (AMD-1293, AMD-2939, AMD-3112, AMD-3159, AMD-3171, AMD-3118, AMD-3113, AMD-3198, AMD-3139, AMD-3147, AMD-3222)

Update AMAGNO 5.1.40

Changes for Users

  • Multi-Tag Groups allow you to enter and manage many instances of a Tag (e.g. for invoice line items) repeatedly in a structured way. The first delivery stage of this new function focuses on the API and on entering instances of a Multi-Tag Group using stamps. Further additional functions, e.g. for import, export, magnetization, rules, etc. will be included in future versions (AMD-589, AMD-2680, AMD-2663)
  • 16 other additional non-Western language characters (e.g. Thai, Arabic, Russian, etc) can now be used in integrated messaging system (AMD-2911)
  • The “Magnetise” und “Delete Permanently” tasks will now appear at the top of the task list (AMD-2802)
  • The source file of a merged document is no longer immediately permanently deleted (AMD-2641)
  • Magnetization now supports mapping using standard data (AMD-2635)
  • Rights and permissions regarding User Messages are considered. (AMD-1647)
  • Improved Tag Structure View (AMD-3025, AMD-2794)
  • Refresh and Display improvements (AMD-2952, AMD-2946, AMD-2941, AMD-2936, AMD-2928, AMD-2914, AMD-2864, AMD-2849, AMD-2843, AMD-2833, AMD-2808, AMD-2771, AMD-2749, AMD-2734, AMD-2683, AMD-2095, AMD-3001, AMD-2995, AMD-2809)
  • Auto-Complete improvements (AMD-2931, AMD-1030)
  • Performance improvements (AMD-2948, AMD-2829, AMD-2801, AMD-2724, AMD-2520, AMD-2265, AMD-2983, AMD-2903, AMD-2901, AMD-2836)
  • Stability improvements (AMD-2959, AMD-2905, AMD-2884, AMD-2696, AMD-2657, AMD-2598, AMD-2510, AMD-2695)

General Changes

  • Create, retrieve, and change values of Multi-Tag Groups via the RESTful API (AMD-2652)
  • Retrieve Tag settings via the RESTful API (AMD-2902)
  • Download PDF with annotations via the RESTful API (AMD-2865)
  • Check-in/Check-out documents via the RESTful API (AMD-2654)
  • Acceleration of the first RESTful API requests (AMD-2866)
  • More detailed messages in the RESTful API replies. (AMD-2853)
  • File import & export improvements (AMD-2994, AMD-2798
  • Magnetisation improvements (AMD-2999, AMD-2987, AMD-2943, AMD-2934, AMD-2916, AMD-2915, AMD-2835, AMD-2822, AMD-2813)
  • Stability improvements (AMD-3005, AMD-2982, AMD-2969, AMD-2923, AMD-2900, AMD-2839, AMD-2821, AMD-2805, AMD-2472, AMD-2650 AMD-2980)
  • Email import improvements (AMD-2896)

Changes for AMAGNO On-Premise Installations

  • File import improvements (AMD-3033, AMD-3028)
  • Meta-data import improvements (AMD-2851, AMD-2445)
  • Correction of Windows authentication error (AMD-2820)
  • Email template corrections (AMD-2763)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.9384

General Changes

  • Login with Active Directory fix (AMD-2820)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.9378

General Changes

  • Weblinks can be used again. (AMD-2810)
  • Magnetization now works again for text elements that contain special characters. (AMD-2813)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.9374

Changes for Users

  • Now you can easily scroll back to the previous document in the full-page preview. (AMD-2758)
  • Enjoy more flexibility and adjust the Topic and Object bar to suit your needs. (AMD-2749)
  • You can now save the column width as part of a saved search query. (AMD-1397)

General Changes

  • Developer mode can now be activated by a startup parameter. (AMD-2468)
  • Improved copying of vaults (AMD-2684)
  • Performance improvements (AMD-1876, AMD-2290, AMD-2603, AMD-2693, AMD-2703, AMD-2745, AMD-2753, AMD-2766, AMD-2783)
  • Magnetisation improvements (AMD-2773)
  • Permission management improvements (AMD-2639, AMD-2669, AMD-2675, AMD-2700)
  • Other minor improvements (AMD-1324, AMD-1660, AMD-2201, AMD-2619, AMD-2658, AMD-2742, AMD-2747)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.9229

  • Loading of tasks has been accelerated. (AMD-2120)
  • All magnetization profiles of a document type can be deactivated in repair mode. (AMD-2188)
  • You can check tag values during magnetization match values with an external data source. (AMD-813)
  • Navigating through files has been accelerated. (AMD-2290)
  • The export of metadata contains all self-configured columns of a current view. (AMD-2266)
  • The input suggestions of text tags can be deactivated. (AMD-2039)
  • The list of document types during magnetization is updated correctly. (AMD-1849)
  • Various fixes of permissions (AMD-1976, AMD-2255, AMD-2262, AMD-2264, (AMD-2304)
  • The tag set “General” can no longer be sent to the clipboard. (AMD-1689)
  • The Management Console displays whether the account is active in the list of user accounts. (AMD-2177)
  • Improvement of automated renaming during server-side import (AMD-2273)
  • Email Import Enhancements (AMD-2048, AMD-2056, AMD-2402)
  • The deletion of multiple files must be confirmed. (AMD-2252)
  • Improvements in stability and performance (AMD-2153, AMD-2311, AMD-2316, AMD-1299, AMD-1934, AMD-2398, AMD-2403, AMD-2226, AMD-2406)
  • Selection tags values can be deactivated. (AMD-1934)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.9103

  • Improvements in stability (AMD-2154)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.9100

  • Improvements in stability (AMD-2154)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.9070

  • Improvements in stability (AMD-1819, AMD-2048, AMD-2135)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.9016

  • New Features
    • You can now change an existing search query in just one click. (AMD-908).
      After performing a quick search, or reopening saved search results, you can now easily find your results again in the search history toolbar. Just click the the search term you want to use again to modify it and run the search again.
    • Full-page preview now supports new HotKeys (AMD-79)
      • CTRL + Arrow Keys to scroll in preview mode
      • CTRL + +/- to zoom in preview mode
      • CTRL + N to switch to the next document
      • ESC to leave full-page preview mode
    • The AMAGNO Mobile Explorer now has the following new functions
      • You can now stamp with more tag types: text, date, number and selection. (AMD-1291)
      • You can now see a list of the current user’s pending tasks. (AMD-812)
    • When displaying files in the toolbar using the Columns, Icons and Thumbnail display settings, a medium-sized preview will be displayed under the Tags tab. (AMD-1621)
    • Improved automated email import. (AMD-1611)

    General Improvements

    • You can now use email MessageId to search. (AMD-1528)
    • Stamp actions are now carried out for dynamic, time-dependent magnet assignments. (AMD-1387)
    • Replacement emails are no longer imported. (AMD-1552, AMD-1825)
    • Email import no longer deletes subfolders. (AMD-1717)
    • Improved document splitting using QR codes. (AMD-1611, AMD-1948)
    • Faster login process. (AMD-1084)
    • Faster display update for documents after ending editing. (AMD-1876)
    • When you first open a newly installed AMAGNO client for Windows an existing vault will be opened automatically. (AMD-791)
    • Stability and performance improvements. (AMD-1565, AMD-1562)
    • Enhanced document separation for EAN-13 and DataMatrix (AMD-1484)
    • Magnetisation for Document Types without Tags (AMD-1949)
    • If there is more than one vault, vault names are displayed with the pending tasks. (AMD-172)
    • Permanent deletion during magnetisation only allowed with new documents. (AMD-1790)
    • Improved keyboard operation in content listings
    • Improvements in email import

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8918

  • Improved language management (AMD-1843)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8882

  • Improvements in stability and performance (AMD-1065, AMD-1383, AMD-1540, AMD-1542, AMD-1543, AMD-1547, AMD-1568, AMD-1617, AMD-1675)
  • Improved language management (AMD-906)
  • Correction of server-side import (AMD-1350)
  • The list of magnetization tasks can be grouped by vault. (AMD-1067)
  • Corrected copying of magnets. (AMD-1639)
  • The editing of tags has been improved. (AMD-1037, AMD-1073)
  • Corrected updating of documents on the personal desktop. (AMD-1044)
  • The personal desktop of AMAGNO Mobile Explorer has been improved. (AMD-1492)
  • The export through a stamp action has been corrected. (AMD-1576)
  • The access of a user account can be limited to an IP range. (AMD-1072)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8747

  • Document processing improvements (AMD-1544)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8707

Relevant performance upgrades

  • OCR text recognition updates with improved recognition. This may mean that you will need to re-confirm some previous successful automatic recognition processes (magnetisations), due to changes in the overall arrangement of the previously recognised reference terms. (AMD-1384).
  • Page previews and document previews (PDFs/Annotations). AMAGNO can currently only generate previews for the first 200 pages of a document. This results in a lower server load and reduces the amount of storage space for On-Premise customers. Therefore, any pages from 200 pages onwards will not currently be displayed in preview mode, or during magnetisation or stamping (AMD-1112).


  • Server system storage use improvements (AMD-571, AMD-1112)
  • Document processing improvements (AMD-884, AMD-1185, AMD-1309, AMD-1359, AMD-1486, AMD-1482)
  • Date values autocomplete corrections during automatic magnetisation (AMD-1289)
  • Magnetisation improvements (AMD-1250, AMD-1253)
  • Automatic detection and rotation of picture/image files (AMD-1248)
  • Annotations and stamps displayed in the right position(s) (AMD-1219)
  • “Export” stamp action now includes “Runtime” (AMD-1183)
  • General system performance improvements. (AMD-1259)
  • Document Editing Improvements (AMD-640)
  • Absolute magnetisation is only possible on the first page/sheet. (AMD-1036)
  • One-off Weblinks now work properly. (AMD-1226)
  • Improved support for page up/down during magnetisation. (AMD-1231)
  • Copying stamps now works properly. (AMD-1239)
  • Improvements when dealing with multiple matches during relative magnetisation. (AMD-1267)
  • Newly created annotations and visual stamps are now larger. (AMD-1286)
  • Document full-text is used automatically when available. (AMD-1307)
  • AMAGNO Mobile Explorer searches now work properly. (AMD-1374)
  • Full-text recognition improvements. (AMD-1384)
  • Using stamps without a design (i.e. non-visual) now works properly. (AMD-1378)
  • Improved preview graphics handling (AMD-1368, AMD-1422)
  • Saving documents and previews has been improved (AMD-1126)
  • Improved magnetisation logging (AMD-1412)
  • Improved AMAGNO Mobile Explorer navigation (AMD-859)
  • Tag name changing fixed(AMD-984)
  • Handling of structure updating improved (AMD-964)
  • Improved magnetic assignment after changing rules. (AMD-1240)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8500

  • Windows 7 display problems fixed (AMD-1138, AMD-1108)
  • Number of stamp tasks now displayed correctly (AMD-1090)
  • Renaming after importing new versions of file has been improved (AMD-1140)
  • In the event log, message and warning reports have been expanded to permit better diagnosis (AMD-1125, AMD-1130, AMD-966)
  • Page rotation dialog disappears after various rotations (AMD-810)
  • Improved function of stamps with mandatory tags (AMD-1033)
  • Various magnetisation improvements (AMD-1175, AMD-1133, AMD-1163, AMD-1166, AMD-1154)
  • Several improvements regarding server system disk space usage (AMD-1117, AMD-1136, AMD-1171, AMD-1194)
  • Following permission changes, pending tasks are updated (AMD-999)
  • AMAGNO printer dialog display problems fixed (AMD-1115)
  • Improved function for rotated documents (AMD-1182)
  • Improved function for tag value entry (AMD-1198)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8426

  • General performance and stability improvements (AMD-462, AMD-762, AMD-1043, AMD-1056, AMD-1057, AMD-1132)
  • The object bar no longer unexpectedly alters what it is displaying. (AMD-1068)
  • Improved interface refresh. (AMD-1085)
  • Re-magnetisation only saves the tags once. (AMD-779)
  • Absolute magnetisation performance corrected. (AMD-573)
  • You can now define Number tags as Single tags. (AMD-787)
  • Improved PDF form previews. (AMD-992)
  • Document magnet assignment has been corrected. (AMD-1097)
  • Numerous documents can be checked-in simultaneously. (AMD-1011)
  • When removing selection tags, their values will be permanently deleted. (AMD-961)
  • Improved magnetisation performance for low-quality full-text. (AMD-323)
  • You can now re-arrange the “Delete permanently” task list. (AMD-993)
  • Search results no longer disappear when resizing individual elements of the User Interface. (AMD-1107)
  • Additional information for the “Minimise” and “Full Screen” AMAGNO Windows Client functions has been added. (AMD-321)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8356

  • Improved background task processing. (AMD-1034)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8335

  • Tasklist is now updated reliably. (AMD-832)
  • Improved background task processing. (AMD-633)
  • Minimising and restoring the client has been improved. (AMD-745)
  • Documents can once again be uploaded to (AMD-828)
  • Magnet assignment has been sped up significantly. (AMD-704)
  • Stamping in is now working again (AMD-1004)
  • The “Automatic email import” tab is once again displayed reliably (AMD-997)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8262

  • Improved background migration. (AMD-808)
  • The final deletion of vaults has been fixed. (AMD-793)
  • Fixed an error when saving permissions. (AMD-780)
  • The tab “See also” of the stamps does not show any more unknown magnets. (AMD-698)
  • Preview image caching has been improved

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8250

  • Thumbnails and full-text recognition have been improved. (AMD-721, AMD-733, AMD-744, AMD-766)
  • Documents can now be re-magnetised. (AMD-760)
  • Ampersands (&) are now displayed correctly in names (AMD-473)
  • The thumbnail cache can be cleared manually. (AMD-775)
  • Auto-completion via SQL fixed. (AMD-727)
  • Hotkey search error has been fixed. (AMD-711)
  • Documents which are being edited are no longer migrated. (AMD-759)
  • Improved handling of duplicate email addresses during automatic email import. (AMD-763)
  • Magnetisation permission check has been fixed. (AMD-751)
  • Improved background migration. (AMD-728)
  • Repairing rotated documents has been fixed. (AMD-765)
  • When managing selection tags errors are now handled better. (AMD-516)
  • Importing to a selection tag has been fixed. (AMD-453)
  • The “See also” option no longer shows any more unknown magnets when stamping. (AMD-698)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8208

  • File import has been improved. (AMD-658)
  • Document recovery is once again possible. (AMD-658)
  • Preview updates after stamping have been corrected. (AMD-662)
  • Magnet assignment when copying and moving documents has been corrected. (AMD-693)
  • Document magnetisation has been improved. (AMD-681)
  • Archive file handling has been reworked. (AMD-680)
  • Full text recognition has been improved. (AMD-588)
  • Magnet assignment has been corrected. (AMD-580)
  • Search has been reworked. (AMD-711)
  • Magnet assignment has been accelerated. (AMD-665)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8170

  • Improved caching of preview graphics. (AMD-667)
  • Permission checking is now quicker. (AMD-667)
  • Time-dependent magnet assignments have been reworked. (AMD-672)
  • Improved performance when loading tags. (AMD-674)
  • Improved handling of rotated documents. (AMD-692)
  • Visual stamp with counter feature – display corrected. (AMD-623)
  • Magnet deletion has been improved. (AMD-687)
  • Editing documents with rotated pages has been improved. (AMD-696)
  • Permission checking when importing meta-data has been reworked. (AMD-697)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8140

  • Improved handling of file paths that are too long. (AMD-586)
  • Newly created tags no longer display all vault documents in the list. (AMD-576)
  • Checking for duplicate when importing emails has been corrected. (AMD-586)
  • Access to individual content has been accelerated by caching content permissions. (AMD-626)
  • The migration of old data and related tasks has been reworked. (AMD-649)
  • Preview of visual stamps with counter features has been corrected. (AMD-581)
  • Accelerated user invitations. (AMD-650)
  • Improved automatic rotation of documents. (AMD-609)
  • The search has been accelerated. (AMD-625)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8104

  • Improved internal task management (AMD-635)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8102

  • Problems when blocking documents fixed. (AMD-618)
  • Minor corrections to the REST API (AMD-610, AMD-619, AMD-627)
  • No more messages about documents you can no longer see. (AMD-304)
  • Error in magnetising with date tags fixed. (AMD-440)
  • Enhanced performance when processing server tasks

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8085

  • Selection tag standard values are no longer loaded during magnetisation. (AMD-566)
  • Enhanced prioritisation of annotation tasks. (AMD-577)
  • Permanent deletion of documents has been accelerated.
  • Document blocking by stamping and magnetisation has been reworked. (AMD-618)
  • API date format corrected. (AMD-610)
  • Improvements in email import and review of content which has already been imported. (AMD-585)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8068

  • Manual page rotation works reliably again. (AMD-557)
  • Pages will be rotated automatically during import if necessary. (AMD-508)
  • If an attempt is made to re-import an existing file as an attachment, the magnet assignment and link behaves as if the file was re-imported. (AMD-585)
  • Annotations, magnetisation and visual stamps can only be used for migrated documents. (AMD-587)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8054

  • Magnet editing and removal has been accelerated. (AMD-565)
  • Manual email import works reliably again. (AMD-554, AMD-555)
  • The task counter was not always displayed correctly. (AMD-274)
  • Various improvements in server task prioritization and migration (AMD-470, AMD-561, AMD-563)
  • Improved search performance. (AMD-575)
  • Multiple users can be made into users of a repository using Drag & Drop. (AMD-467)
  • The “Automatic email import” tab is once again visible on your personal desktop. (AMD-578)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8014

  • The processing of initial tasks after uploading or document editing has now been prioritised. (AMD-561)
  • As a rule, you can no longer use magnets, folders or contacts for document permissions. (AMD-493)

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8008

  • Even while documents are still being edited by the user, the maintenance notification for the search index can still be removed.
  • You can sort the list using your own tags.

Update AMAGNO 5.0.8005

  • Common solving of problem issues and better performance

Update AMAGNO 4.8.32 to AMAGNO 5.0.7952

This update enhancing the current AMAGNO Digital Workplace software solution with lots of new features to provide you a much more better and efficent work in your daily business with files, scanned paper documents and emails, i.e.

  • Complete redesigned user interface
  • The innovative AMAGNO Living Documents(TM) Technology to surfing through your documents like the internet
  • Magnetize your documents for an automatic rerecognition of your files and extracting data
  • The new detailed rights system

Update AMAGNO 4.8.50

  • Improvements in stability (AMD-2154)