11. September 2020

Digital event „AMAGNO.CONNECT“: Connection is together

Digital event „AMAGNO.CONNECT“: Connection is together

Oldenburg, September 11, 2020. In 2020, the signs are pointing to togetherness, for each other, communication and joint networking. This is why the Oldenburg-based ECM provider AMAGNO has decided to make another exciting debut this year: The digital AMAGNO event “AMAGNO.CONNECT”. The new event format for digital document management is designed to digitally network interested parties, customers and partners on a new level.

“Learning from each other, working together, living for each other” was already known to the reform pedagogue Peter Petersen. How wonderful it is when others present their results to us and we can benefit from them. Customer projects are often brilliantly implemented and successfully realized without outsiders gaining insight into their processes. The same applies to service providers who develop great interfaces without the outside world knowing about it. This is a pity, as others could gain new knowledge from the valuable experience and know-how of the project managers.

The Oldenburg-based software house wants to bring the parties from different industries together for a collective exchange of knowledge. Under the hashtag “amagnoconnect20”, AMAGNO is calling on interested parties, customers and partners to exchange information, network, learn from each other and be inspired by the different visions of their counterparts at its virtual event “AMAGNO.CONNECT” on October 20, 20.

Sharing knowledge for mutual benefit

Numerous creative heads of renowned companies such as Microsoft, MOWOMIND, Infoicefetcher and Dropscan present their projects, self-developed interfaces and workflows in exciting lectures, give an insight into the synergy effects of AMAGNO with other business applications and report in interesting keynote sessions on the work of tomorrow.

Intensive workshops by AMAGNO experts invite you to interactive knowledge transfer and exciting insights into the topics of remaining API, authorizations, best practice workflow and magnetization, and provide exclusive information, impulses and interesting inspiration. In addition, customers and cooperation partners from a wide range of industries will report on the implementation of their digital document management, give valuable tips for implementation and talk about their experiences with their digital document assistant in their everyday work.

“Many of our customers, partners and colleagues inspire us again and again with the great and creative projects they set up, the innovative interfaces that can arise from problem solving, and the smart ways in which workflows can be optimized and processes designed. AMAGNO.CONNECT as a digital event is our platform for sharing this valuable knowledge and inspiring others,” concludes Büscher.

All those who would like to attend the event can register free of charge and without obligation on the AMAGNO event page.

Further information is available under: www.amagno.de/amagno-connect

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