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Become a distribution partner of one of Germany’s fastest growing digital companies. With AMAGNO, you add an innovative document management system and a complete Enterprise Content Management solution to your range. As a distribution partner, you benefit from AMAGNO because it is

✓ simple to present and makes a good first impression

✓ simple to sell as it comes as a complete solution

✓ completely industry-independent with a wide target audience

✓ simple to install and can be integrated quickly

✓ very intuitive and easy to use

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Simple to present

Makes a good first impression at an emotional and visual level

Industry-independent DMS

Industry-independent DMS without module chaos

Attractive conditions

Attractive conditions for distribution partners

Contact for distribution partners

Scharnhorst 150x150 - Distribution partnerOur Partner Manager, Peter Scharnhorst, welcomes any questions that you might have.

Peter Scharnhorst
Partner Manager

Tel. +49 (0)441/ 99 86 45 – 13

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