AMAGNO for Windows


Download AMAGNO now and start using the AMAGNO Digital Workplace straight away, with all its bells and whistles. Connect for free to our ?safe and secure AMAGNO Business Cloud, based in Germany.

Unrestricted access to all AMAGNO ECM and DMS functions: automatic data capture, document storage; you can even invite other people to join the vaults you create and collaborate in seamless digital workflows. Each user can store up to 300 MB.

To get access to more storage, please see our AMAGNO Business Cloud page for more information. If you are interested in installing AMAGNO as an in-house software solution on your own servers or in a data centre of your choice, please check out the AMAGNO On-Premise page.

Download AMAGNO now. No contracts, no fees and no time limits.

Download Size ~7 MB in .ZIP format

devices amagno nobg - Download the AMAGNO Client for Windows
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