2. March 2021

Home office: 10 tips on how to turn duty into freestyle

Home office: 10 tips on how to turn duty into freestyle

A reset button that undoes the past year – that’s probably what many of us wish for. But 2021 also starts with a familiar and faithful companion: the lockdown. Slowly, each of us is getting pretty fed up with this Corona pandemic. That’s what we’re seeing from the rough treatment of each other and also from the government’s actions: extending the lockdown until Feb. 14, tightened mask requirements in stores and home-office appeals to businesses. “The increasing inquiries show us that more and more companies want to simplify home office work for their employees,” explains Senior Sales Manager Henning Lübbers.

To ensure that a work-life balance is achieved despite the annoying Corona hustle and bustle, and that working from home becomes a welcome gift, we’d like to share our 10 insider tips on how we at Amagno manage our work from home.


 We make ourselves comfortable.

People who feel good in their working environment work more productively. That’s why we set up our workplaces in such a way that we enjoy working there – whether in the study, at the kitchen table or in the conservatory. With a little greenery, a delicious cup of coffee and pleasant background music, it’s easy to work well.


Our clothes give us the motivational boost we need.

We have learned that wearing pajamas somehow doesn’t create the necessary work atmosphere. That’s why we decided to get ready every morning as if we were going to work: Eat breakfast, read the newspaper, and hit the shower. Et voilà: Somehow we’re much more motivated – and the parcel delivery guy is happy to come by again.


Fixed working hours for an energetic end to the day.

Our everyday life is surrounded by routines. Without them, we would probably have a pretty hard time. With a structured daily schedule, it is easier for us to complete our duties. If we plan from when to when we work, we can adapt the rest of our everyday life to it and focus fully on our work during this time.


What Chef may not like to hear: We also take breaks sometimes.

Sometimes we get stuck on problems whose solution is often quite obvious. We realized that getting coffee, looking out of the window and taking a deep breath can clear some mental blocks. Back in our seats, the flash of inspiration came around the corner with the appropriate solution. But even apart from that, a short break is a good way to recharge your batteries.


Goodbye distractions!

Our home is our castle – at home we are surrounded by things we love and with which we like to spend our free time. That’s why they are also the first things that want to distract us from our duties: Tidying up, continuing to watch the favorite series on Netflix or daddling on the cell phone – all wonderful things, but not conducive to work. So it’s better to quickly banish them from the workplace before the boss peeks around the corner!


Our secret tip: Write to-do lists.

Sometimes we have so many tasks to do that we don’t even know where our heads are anymore. With to-do lists, we can keep track of all our tasks and their deadlines. This way, we no longer get bogged down and can work through our workload with a clear conscience. Another tip is: Eat the frog first! – So do your annoying tasks first.


We stay in contact with our colleagues.

In the home office, we can’t just ask our colleague across the hall something, we have to call them first, write to them or meet them in a digital meeting. But this communication is incredibly valuable for your daily work. On the one hand, you stay up to date, and on the other, you strengthen your mindset with social contact.


We air!

Sometimes we are so concentrated at work that at some point we notice we are running out of breath. One reason could be that we need a break; another could be that it’s time for some fresh air. Often, we combine the two. We get up, stretch, open the window and get a cup of coffee – and then we can concentrate on our work again.


Tools for efficient work: our heroes!

With our tools, we work more efficiently at home. Honestly, we wouldn’t know how to run our home office without Amagno. We have really come to appreciate paperless and location-independent work. It’s great to have everything at a glance, to work on documents together with colleagues and not have to run after them anymore. Not advertising, but serious!


Balance work and personal life.

Balancing home schooling, childcare and important meetings is pretty draining – for us, too. That’s why we try to coordinate everything. What’s on the agenda today and how do you balance it with the kids? When things get tough, we take more breaks and work longer hours.

If we stick to a few rules and consolidate our routines, we could get used to working at home. Especially in this wet and cold weather, it’s so much nicer to make a coffee and get to work without having to go out the door.

How do you organize your work at home office? Do you practice some of our routines or even have some that we don’t run yet? Then let us know and write to us. We look forward to your comment or message!

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