INRO Elektrotechnik GmbH
Case study

INRO Elektrotechnik GmbH

Case study

After realising the inadequacies of a traditional file server to provide quality and security-oriented document management, INRO Elektrotechnik GmbH progressed to use a version control system in the field of software and hardware development. This type of system also turned out to be unsuccessful due to rejection of the non-technical staff. Difficult to learn to use and ergonomically awkward to navigate, it just wasn’t user-friendly at all.

As a result, their next ECM had to set new standards in ergonomics, clarity and ultimately user-friendliness. In addition to satisfying modern quality management requirements (check-out, version control, archiving), dynamic folders should also enable documents for various views and contexts to be found without generating redundancies.

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“AMAGNO scored top marks with us thanks to its clear, intuitive user interface and digital magnets. Our employees’ confidence in paperless processing increased significantly as a direct result and we also saw a reduction in the parallel processing of paper and digital documents. They quickly recognised the huge benefits of having a digital document management system.”

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Ries, Managing Director

The starting point

Previous version control system failed when company employees found that it wasn't user-friendly enough.

The requirements

An ECM with intuitive operation that satisfies modern quality management requirements.

AMAGNO scores well

With its dynamic magnets and full-text search, INRO decided to go with AMAGNO.

High demands from INRO

Crucial to the required DMS would be the capacity for digital entry and archiving with a high degree of automation in order to combat the constant stream of paper and documents. To motivate employees to let go of familiar working habits, both search and operation options had to be as efficient as possible, and therefore ensure that a future DMS could replace the traditional file and email server as the central information platform.

Intensive market testing before making a decision

As a result of their own development work, INRO had tested the market for version control systems intensively, also checking their applicability to general document management. However, they found very few systems that came close to meeting the relevant requirements and wishes, or that consistently supported the principle of dynamic folders.

AMAGNO scores well thanks to dynamic magnets

Ultimately, INRO decided to go with AMAGNO due to its intuitive interface and dynamic magnets with OCR document analysis, including full-text recognition. Complemented by the simple workflow support via stamps and the efficient search and research function, enabling a full-text search in over 100 file formats in a matter of seconds.

Electrical engineering at the highest level

INRO Elektrotechnik GmbH from Stockstadt is part of the INRO group of companies; it was founded in 1991 by shareholders and managing directors, Dipl.-Ing Michael Ries and Dipl.-Kfm Marcus Westarp. Currently, 80 employees develop and produce industrial control systems for the use in security-oriented applications.