Installation & configuration – AMAGNO

Commissioning your ECM solution

In the run-up to the initial installation and commissioning of your AMAGNO server, support will be provided by an AMAGNO expert. Together you will outline the prerequisites for software, hardware and other necessary IT infrastructure. After going through the necessary preparations, you will set up and configure the server together. Also, there will be an introduction into the AMAGNO Management Console (MMC) and you can set up users.

All of the setup and configuration settings will be recorded and made available to you for future reference.

Installation dms ecm server - Installation & Setup

An AMAGNO expert or a technical partner will be only too happy to assist with the installation of your server.

Identifying requirements


Whether on-premise or in the Cloud. Together we will work out the requirements for your architecture.

Installing the AMAGNO Server

Testing the installation preparations and installing MS & SQL servers.


Configuring the AMAGNO Server

Initial configuration of the AMAGNO server and commissioning of the Management Console (MMC)

Outlining the system prerequisites

In a first phone call of around 15 – 30 minutes, we aim to clarify the system prerequisites of the server and the remaining IT infrastructure with you and/or your IT partner. The relevant IT coordinator will then take the necessary preparatory measures for the installation and configuration of the AMAGNO server independently.

Installing the AMAGNO server

Before the actual installation is carried out, an AMAGNO expert will check the system and installation prerequisites one more time. After the Microsoft SQL server, email server, IIS and active directory have been prepared, the AMAGNO server will be installed.

Initial configuration of the AMAGNO server

The basic configuration of the AMAGNO server will be carried out after it has been set up and commissioned. Here the AMAGNO, OCR and other licences will be applied and the server settings configured. Following this, the AMAGNO users and storage paths will be set up, server tasks distributed and your IT personnel will be instructed on the AMAGNO Management Console (MMC). After the SSL encryption has been integrated and an AMAGNO client commissioned, functional testing of the system will be carried out.

Documentation and support

Full initial installation and configuration details of your AMAGNO system will be recorded by us and presented to you for your future reference. In the event of subsequent support queries, the basic installation and configuration of the system will always be assumed first unless changes or additions are made to the relevant documents.

Refer to our manuals for extensive documentation about the server settings and about how to use the AMAGNO client.

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