Online instruction via TeamViewer
Compact training for users

Our online instruction on the AMAGNO ECM solution is the perfect opportunity for you to train up new employees in AMAGNO, introduce it to large numbers of employees at different sites simultaneously or provide existing users with a refresher, cost-effectively and regardless of location.

Here the online instruction follows a solid and proven concept, and is carried out via TeamViewer in a straightforward manner.

Compact training

Insight into the application of AMAGNO

Online via TeamViewer

Location-independent online and via TeamViewer.

For new employees especially

For new employees or as a refresher course

Online training with a solid concept

Our online instruction is based on a defined concept. It reflects the content of our training courses but does not contain a practical section for the participants. Participants still get an extensive insight into the application of AMAGNO as an Enterprise Content Management solution.

Location-independent instruction for AMAGNO

Use our online instruction to get started with AMAGNO, or use it at a later stage to provide intensive training to large groups of employees across several locations simultaneously. The online instruction is available in German via TeamViewer. Instruction consists of eight periods and takes place on weekdays (Mon-Fri) from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Basic Online Instruction

Participants of Basic Online Instruction are shown the basic functions of the AMAGNO client. This includes importing, searching, examining and adding comments to files. Furthermore, this involves editing and versioning the corresponding documents. Your employees are also shown how to deal with magnets, stamps and workflows and how to add metadata to documents.

Advanced Online Instruction

As participants of Advanced Online Instruction, your employees are shown how to set up document storage areas as groups and assign member authorisations for them. Participants are also instructed on the import and export of files, together with metadata. Furthermore, participants are shown how to create magnets and stamps for the workflows, and also how to create fields for metadata entry. In addition, they are introduced to the advanced configuration options of the AMAGNO client – e.g. presettings, import and export settings, input support and notifications – in a practical manner.