Revision-safe archiving
With document management

Being able to see the history of documents and protecting them from manipulation is an important aspect of daily document management for companies. Law dictates that companies are obligated to provide evidence of exactly how a document has arrived at a company, as well as how it has left the company. Changes must be fully documented with versioning.

The ECM solution from AMAGNO offers a variety of functions for managing your company with revision security. Thanks to automated workflows and automatic storage of working statuses, these and other actions can be seen at any time. To provide this revision security, AMAGNO supports the storage of receipts in compliance with tax law and prevents the manipulation and deletion of files.

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The history of documents and emails is of great importance when it comes to a revision.

Keep to retention periods and deletion deadlines

Never miss another deadline for the legally required retention or deletion of documents.

Automatic email archiving

Import emails in order to guarantee adherence with the legal retention obligation.

Legally required archiving of invoices an receipts

Automated versioning and a comprehensive rights concept protect from manipulations.

Versioning for revision security

With the versioning of documents in AMAGNO you can always see who has edited files, when and how. Documents can be edited on your personal desk and then released again for other users. This prevents duplicate editing and means that later version statuses can be seen without missing any changes.

Revision-safe archiving of receipts

Digitise receipts, invoices and other bookkeeping documents for increased revision security. Instead of continuing to print out electronic invoices and receipts and archiving them with other paper receipts, companies should digitise their analogue documents and keep them in one uniform, revision-safe archive. This optimises working steps and means that required documents can be viewed in just a fraction of the time compared to in a paper archiving system.

Automatically adhere to retention periods

There are various retention periods and deletion deadlines that companies have to keep to for different documents and files. When archiving these documents, depending on the type of document, retention periods are set which mean that the documents cannot be deleted during the legally required retention term. Once this period expires the documents are again released and can be manually deleted.

Protecting documents from being manipulated

With a digital archive you protect your documents in the company from intentional or accidental manipulation. Only the employees who really need access are authorised access. It is not possible to read sensitive documents outside of the company because AMAGNO generates internal authenticity certificates for data in order to check data consistency and detect manipulations.

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