On Premise Server

Version 6.9.16 from 07/02/2023

With the installation you accept our license agreement.

The software requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2.
It is mandatory to observe the conditions according to the server manual. Upgrading from version 5 requires version 5.12.56.

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Important information for On Premise Updates

System requirements

Please note the updated system requirements of the server in the documentation and continue to follow the instructions when updating from older versions to

Correction before update

Before updating from 5.12 to a newer version, the UpdateFix application must be running on the Amagno server.

New Windows service

The new Windows service “AmagnoStampService” provides accelerated processing of workflow processes (stamping). We recommend adding more instances to this service after the update via the AmagnoMMC on the server, as far as this is possible within the scope of your license. Alternatively, feel free to ask your sales partner or the Amagno Sales Team for an upgraded license for server tasks.