What makes AMAGNO different?

Why AMAGNO? Benefits and Advantages

AMAGNO has set itself apart as the most modern and innovative Enterprise Content Management solution and we have won over thousands of users from all industries by focusing on a whole new digital document experience, automation, user-friendliness, and easy-to-use, flexible functions. AMAGNO is the new benchmark for the ECM and DMS industry, offering an All-In-One software solution without complicated modules, price structures or data limits.

We empower people - Special advantages of AMAGNO

Clear and intuitive user interface

Award-winning, modern design. Easy and fun to use.

Quick setup with no vendor lock-in

Suitable for any industry. Fast implementation.

Highly integrated all-in-one solution

No module chaos. One software, all the functions.

Clear and intuitive usability

We’ve developed AMAGNO with the user in mind and placed great importance on the user interface. From the outset, you’ll see how you can do so much more, with very few buttons and toolbars. AMAGNO is quick and easy to learn, and you can hit the ground running with our compact practical training.

An ECM solution for any industry

We don’t pre-package different versions of our software, with different options and functions, for different industries. The AMAGNO Digital Workplace is designed as an All-In-One ECM solution that companies of all shapes and sizes can incorporate their existing structures and workflows quickly and seamlessly.

Complete ECM & DMS Solution for Businesses

Companies who choose AMAGNO benefit from a full set of modern enterprise management functions and options in one piece of software, as well as the highest level of data security and privacy. We don’t deal with complicated module combinations, or blurry price models. AMAGNO believes in clear, transparent products and price policies.

No vendor dependency

We’ve developed AMAGNO for you, the user. Our goal is that it should be highly useable, and it should help you get back to doing what really matters to you and your business. If you ever need your files outside of AMAGNO, for whatever reason, you can export all your data and documents independently. No extra costs, no strings attached.

Audit-proof your company with AMAGNO

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