Special advantages of AMAGNO
The modern ECM solution

AMAGNO clearly sets itself apart as a modern and innovative Enterprise Content Management solution. It has won over thousands of users in all industries with its focus on automation, easy operation and flexible structures. As a solution for efficient document management, AMAGNO stands out as being a complete product without modules or volume limits. Transparency creates trust!

Intuitive and clear user interface

Wins over users with its clear, effective operation.

Quick set up without vendor lock-in

Can be used in any industry and quickly integrated regardless of the producer.

Highly integrated solution without module chaos

A complete enterprise solution with all options and functions.

Clear and intuitive operation

In the development of AMAGNO, a lot of importance has been placed on creating a clear and intuitive user interface. The AMAGNO client relies on just a few buttons and wins over users with its clear, effective operation. You and your colleagues will experience this early on, in the highly practical training, so that following implementation of AMAGNO at your company it’s ready for take off and you can get going quickly.

An ECM solution for all industries

AMAGNO doesn’t force companies from different industries to use a fixed, pre-packaged concept. The AMAGNO Enterprise Content Management solution is designed and executed in a very flexible way so that companies from all different industries can implement and use AMAGNO as quickly as possible. Existing structures and workflows can be incorporated on request.

Complete ECM solution for businesses

Companies who choose AMAGNO get a complete and coherent enterprise solution. All functions and options in one piece of software. There are no software modules with unclear prices or requirements. Our products and price policy create trust.

No producer dependency

AMAGNO is developed with high standards for functionality and usability. If you need your files outside of AMAGNO, export all data and documents independently at any time without extra costs. No conditions. No producer dependency.

Heighten revision security with AMAGNO

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