Technical support for AMAGNO
How can we help?

Our support team is happy to assist with any problems concerning the AMAGNO solution. Once the problem has been diagnosed in advance, you can open a support case using the email form and we will endeavour to deal with it promptly so that you can get back to enjoying the advantages of a modern Enterprise Content Management solution as soon as possible.

To speed things up, please provide us with the following information and if possible attach a screenshot to help us solve the problem: Which version of AMAGNO do you have? Which operating system do you use? What changes have you made recently?

Below you can also find our client and server manuals that you can download as a PDF. A printed version is not available. We recommend that you save the link as a bookmark because the manuals are regularly updated.

Note: A support case can only be opened with an active service contract.

Open the support case using the email form

Open the support case using the form.

Open the support case by email

Email to:

Support only with a service contract

The documentation might help?

Diagnose the problem yourself in advance

To enable us to process your support query promptly and provide assistance, we request that you diagnosis the problem in advance and with great detail. When exactly did the specific errors first become apparent? Could you take a screenshot and send it to us? Which operating system (specify version) do you use?

Accessibility and response times

You can use our email form to open a support case and send it to us at any time. Refer to your service contract for precise details on response times. In general, however, we usually get in touch with you very quickly. In urgent cases, you can contact us by phone during usual office hours, weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

FAQ for frequently asked questions

It is often that case that you are not the first user to submit such a query. Our FAQ list contains some of the most frequently asked questions and a corresponding answer. Before you open a support case, it might be a good idea to check the FAQs to see if your query is listed there.


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