Interfaces and Integration

AMAGNO is part of your software infrastructure environment, which consists of many different solutions such as your ERP, procurement system, accounting software as well as other specialist applications. All these different solutions can only work together perfectly, with simple and standardized interfaces and integrations.

AMAGNO provides you with various tools that you can use immediately, saving you the headache and expenses that come with the multi-module chaos of other software solutions on the market.

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Launch search, anywhere

One of the things our customers love the most about AMAGNO is the ability to search for what they need from all their applications. In seconds.

AMAGNO makes this possible with its user-friendly Hotkey Search, which launches the AMAGNO search function directly from any other application, bringing up your results immediately.

AMAGNO can search through the full-text for over one hundred file formats, including scanned files, to find the terms you are looking for – a whole new search experience. Forget about trying to remember file names and folder structures to find the document you need, with AMAGNO you can find it immediately.

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Integrated Interfaces

Find out more about all of AMAGNO’s different powerful functions and features to save, import, export and retrieve files directly from other applications.

Printer driver

Our integrated printer driver allows you to create a PDF file directly in AMAGNO at the same time as allowing you to print it out on paper, if necessary.

Email import

Use the automatic or manual email import via standardized IMAP protocol. Perfect for everyday email clients like Outlook.

Save as

Save your files from any application directly into AMAGNO via the “Save” dialog, without the need for any technically sensitive Office integration setups or configuration.

Hot Folder

Use import folders on the AMAGNO server via SMB or FTP to automatically import large quantities of files at any time, without using a client. Use XML to add data to imported files.

URLs for Files

Use secure URLs that link to files for referencing or emailing in external applications. You can also set a password and a read log when sending to external recipients.


Use desktop scanners via TWAIN/VIA compatible drivers, connection to network scanners or scanning apps via WebDAV.

Drag & Drop import

Switching from your current folder structure and file directory to AMAGNO is quick and easy: just drag & drop your files and folder structures to import them.

Export formats

Export one, some or all files including versions, PDF version and meta-data in CSV or XML format.

Full data export

Keep your independence. With AMAGNO you can always export all of your folder structures and documents, including their versions and with their metadata back to your hard disk, whenever you want to.

Web-service call-up

Launch external URLs to transfer or synchronize data as part of your business workflows.

Standard protocols

AMAGNO uses various standard protocols such as IMAP, SMTP, WebDAV, HTTP (S) and many more ensuring you can maintain your technological freedom.


The modern Restful API allows individual requirements and interfaces to be implemented.

red 1 - AMAGNO Interfaces and Integration

Interfaces and integrations with applications

AMAGNO works with various sales and solution partners to offer you direct interfaces to many well-known applications for more specific requirements and an even higher level of integration, including:


Transfer your data to DATEV Financial Accounting software using ASCII data import.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Combine your NAV with AMAGNO and access your receipts directly in NAV.


Connect your SAP system to AMAGNO to enhance your search, retrieval and data exchange.

CSS eGecko

Compare invoices with purchase order information in AMAGNO and transfer posting data to eGecko.

SAGE 100

Use AMAGNO and SAGE to integrate your documents.


Manage your customer data with Salesforce and all the relevant documents with AMAGNO.


Transfer data from your receipts to banking app Starmoney.


Transfer your accounting data from AMAGNO to your Europa 3000 application.

and many more

Make the most of other interfaces, e.g. with Taifun, System4, FX90, Lexware, EuroFibu, SLA, Lexware, sFirm.