Automated business processes

Innovative workflow management

Thanks to automated business processes, you can increase the productivity of your company without having to surrender control of data and processes. Use the numerous import and export interfaces for swift interaction with your other business applications.

AMAGNO is a key component of your IT software infrastructure and is quickly connected with your customer and merchandise management systems, accounting and specialist applications.

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Start and monitor complex workflows with digital stamps and annotations.

Connectivity with external apps

Automatically transfer data easily to external business applications.


Exchange of data during workflows

Benefit from an automated exchange of data during ongoing workflows.


Keep up-to-date with resubmissions and deadlines

Automated monitoring of resubmissions as well as deletion deadlines and retention periods.

Automated business processes with SAP & Co.

Transfer data to external service providers or other applications via XML, TXT or CSV file. In addition to this you can export your data to your PC or server and forward it from there. For example, import your data as booking records into your Sage accounting software or as a basis for evaluation into your Business Intelligence (BI) application.

Workflow controlled actions

Activate external web services/URLs via the workflow and transfer data in order to control external applications. With AMAGNO the return result is automatically analysed in order to re-evaluate results from a returned XML file in AMAGNO, e.g. for workflow control or special validations.

Diverse export and import options

Whether it’s individual files or an entire database, AMAGNO exports or imports data whenever and however you want. If required, it can also develop special connections or applications based on AMAGNO’s technology using the modern REST/JSON interface.

Use automation to keep to deadlines

With AMAGNO you can create the perfect basis for automated business processes, in order to keep to legal regulations and standards such as GoBD, ISO or FDA in your company. AMAGNO automatically monitors resubmissions, deletion deadlines and retention periods, making HR, contracts, QM and accounting checks a lot easier.

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