Training with a practical focus
Basic and Advanced

Our compact and practice-oriented Basic Training for AMAGNO is based on a defined and proven training concept. Whether on site at your company or at our training centre in Oldenburg – we need just one day to introduce your employees to our modern Enterprise Content Management solution. High acceptance rates create a sense of achievement in training.

Furthermore, the Advanced Training for AMAGNO key users is also a compact and tidy course thanks to the intuitive handling of AMAGNO. Key users reinforce the knowledge gleaned from the Basic Training and thus become contact persons in the company.

Compact training

At our training centre or on site at your company.

Practical focus

Training with a practical focus and tailored to your needs if required.

Basic or Advanced

Multi-level training concept for users and administrators.

Training contents for AMAGNO

The goal of the training is to get your employees ready for an effective Enterprise Content Management. This way we can help familiarise your employees quickly with topics such as document management, workflows, digital magnets and legally-compliant archiving. With our practical focus, we ensure quick success in the application and this results in high acceptance rates among employees.

In-house training or at AMAGNO

You can decide whether to send your employees to our training centre in Oldenburg or to have the training conducted directly at your location for an additional charge. Training consists of eight lesson units, each 45 minutes in duration and takes place on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Training can be done on your own hardware with a training environment (VM) from AMAGNO.

Basic Training for AMAGNO users

The participants, as classic AMAGNO users, get to know the basic software functions of the AMAGNO client.

Your employees learn how to successfully import, research, examine, edit, version and add comments to files in the AMAGNO client, and much more besides. Furthermore, the participants become familiar with using magnets and stamps in workflows and learn how to add metadata to documents.

Advanced Training for AMAGNO key users

The participants learn how to set up document storage areas (groups) in the AMAGNO client and assign member authorisations in the individual document storage areas. In addition, you can import and export files along with metadata. Furthermore, the participants become familiar with creating magnets and stamps for the workflows and learn how to create fields for the entry of metadata for files. The participants also learn about configuring the AMAGNO client, e.g. presettings, import and export settings, input support and notifications.