Email Archiving

Store emails safely and efficiently

Emails are a central component of your business communication. They are faster and more modern than the use of paper documents. Email archiving is, therefore, a very relevant aspect of your information security.

The legal relevance of archiving emails must also be considered and you require traceability, a system that cannot be manipulated and with quick access, vital when replying to queries.

With AMAGNO email archiving, you can manually or automatically capture your relevant emails from anywhere. AMAGNO stores the file attachments separately as an option, in order to take them into account for quick search and use in business processes, for example in contracts or accounting.

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Automatic or manual filing via mail standard IMAP and via Drag & Drop


Secure vaults

Email archiving including attachments as EML/MSG and PDF as long-term format.


Efficient Retrieval

Email content and text content of the file attachments enable retrieval in seconds.

Manual and automatic email archiving

You have the choice for email archiving. AMAGNO supports the IMAP standard email protocol. This allows you to freely select the email server and clients. Automatically archive emails in a controlled manner or use your favourite standard email clients, such as Outlook, Thunderbird or clients on iOS or Android, to archive emails on the go.

Clear out and relieve pressure on email servers.

By receiving and sending attachments, the amount of storage space you occupy on email servers spirals out of control. After the automatic or manual email archiving of received and/or sent emails you can choose whether to delete, keep or replace the emails on the email server with slimmed-down replacement emails containing links to the original email and its attachments in the AMAGNO system.

Detect and avoid email duplicates

AMAGNO archives your emails centrally for your colleagues. AMAGNO detects duplicates such as identical e-mails or file attachments. AMAGNO intelligently links different emails with the same file attachment, for example. This provides transparency and saves storage space.

Find attachments in seconds

AMAGNO not only imports the email itself but also saves the file attachments separately. The innovative detection from more than 100 file formats allows you to retrieve files from millions of files in just a few seconds. A totally different experience in terms of speed and quality compared to your previous email clients.

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