About Us
Our Vision And Strategy

We empower people through digitalisation to focus on their talents and unlock their potential.

The AMAGNO philosophy? We aspire to help you regain clarity. Clarity in your daily office life. Clarity to make the right business decisions, to get things done and have access to valuable information anytime, from anywhere. Had enough of wasting your potential every day getting bogged down in outdated working methods in dealing with files, receipts, e-mails and business processes?

At AMAGNO we want you to be able to concentrate on the essentials: to make the most of your valuable skills and take care of everyday office tasks efficiently.

AMAGNO was first founded in 2010 as a one-man business by Jens Büscher in Oldenburg without outside capital and went on to change its name to AMAGNO GmbH & Co KG when two Angel Investors came on board at the end of 2011. For every year since its foundation, AMAGNO has on average doubled its turnover and in 2015 Ernst & Young Global defined it as one of the fastest growing digital companies in Germany.

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About us. About AMAGNO. What makes us tick?

Clarity and The Essentials

The digital workplace makes people nervous because it means a change in working habits. Software that can offer the highest degree of clarity, added value and trust can easily alleviate any fears. We spend a lot of our time at AMAGNO on the design and clarity of our software. Industrial design (UX, UI) is a matter for the boss. Jens Büscher, the founder of AMAGNO, led the Web Content Management RedDot (today part of the Open Text Group) to international success.

The effort behind clear design is enormous. It takes courage to hide a lot of useless things to focus on the essentials.  Jens Büscher’s software design stands by Dieter Rahms’ principles for good design.

Releasing Each Person's Potential

Information technology wasn’t invented to create more work for office workers. But at present, the opposite is the case. Whereas in the 19th century it was just individually produced files that determined office work, now employees have to deal with mass-produced documents, network drives and emails.

The goal of the company founder Jens Büscher is to use information technology smartly. The digital workplace is designed to automate people’s storage and let them spend less time searching for files. People in offices should be able to concentrate on their real work.

Working at AMAGNO

AMAGNO is characterised by its committed team made up of specially chosen, qualified, motivated and flexible employees. The focus is on teamwork in a shared office and thus deliberately runs counter to the trend of the home office. The quality of life at and after work, as well as opinions and self-development, are of great importance to us. There should be no need for “extra hours” or overtime.

Our permanent healthy growth always presents the team with challenges, which we work through and overcome with constructive discussions. Unplanned meetings in our Coffee Lounge or a quick beer after work always help.

Direct and Personal
Direct contact with customers and partners

We didn’t develop our solution to keep it for ourselves, of course, it is for our customers and partners. Without them, there would be no AMAGNO.

Personal and direct communication with customers and partners is very important to us. We listen to you, we support you with your problems and together we can find constructive solutions to your challenges.

Part of this strategy means that we inform you clearly about our software solution in webinars, personal presentations and on our website. We have nothing to hide, so you can see videos and screenshots of our system on our homepage, on Youtube and elsewhere. That isn’t usually the case.

Of course, we are a business-driven company. Nevertheless, our team will always try to find support and service solutions promptly and in the best possible way without unnecessary red tape. Often well beyond whats in the contract.

Software Solution Reliability

Our many customers have put their trust and their most sensitive assets, their files, in our software solution. You can choose between in-house installations or our own lease servers in a data centre (On-Premise) or on our own server infrastructure in data centres in Germany (Cloud).

All of this calls for very high-quality software development. For this reason, AMAGNO has upheld modern quality standards from the very beginning: SCRUM, code reviews, unit tests, automated as well as manual tests and test scenarios.

The All-In-One Concept
In-House Tech Development

In order to offer the functions of a full digital workplace, competitors tend to merge different software components from different suppliers which means a longer integration and training period, all at the customer’s expense. This makes everything from license models, support responsibilities and even their offers horribly complicated. All this, in industries where no one has time to simply give away.

This make the All-In-One concept an essential core of the AMAGNO strategy. It means that AMAGNO develops one single piece of software. This requires us to undertake in-house development of many technologies, which are already available on the market, for example when AMAGNO developed its own classification technologies. The end result is a wonderfully clear, highly integrated product with no design or operating gaps that the customer can enjoy using from day one. Easy to learn and quick to use.

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