About us
The company AMAGNO

Our philosophy and our ambition is to create clarity for your daily business. Clarity to make the right decisions, to fulfil duties and to provide information anywhere, anytime. You squander great potential every day because of inefficient working methods when dealing with files, documents, emails and business processes.

We want you to be able to concentrate on what really matters: To apply your valuable skills once again to the daily tasks at hand efficiently.

Motivated and efficient employees are the pillars of modern companies. We experience ourselves every day how important it is to have motivated, involved and committed colleagues. We savour every day that we spend working in a team, developing new ideas, meeting challenges head-on, and supporting our customers in a timely and personal manner.

We do not shy away from tearing down established conventions in order to achieve the best for you. This way we find new solutions for data storage and automation, allowing us to create a new price model for you. We pay little heed to technical terms and buzzwords. We just want one thing: To make a noticeable difference to your daily work so that you can spend more time on your customers, your projects and your ideas.

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