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Innovative. Clear. Complete.


Thanks to our modern document management software you can digitise
paper and file records, reduce the daily influx of emails and work
in a more revision-safe and transparent way than ever before. The resulting
time savings offer you the chance to once again concentrate on your core tasks,
creating a huge competitive edge!

AMAGNO Digital Workplace
Modern document management

✓ DMS software with intuitive & clear operation

✓ Highly integrated solution without module chaos

✓ For any industry and without vendor lock-in

✓ Workflow management with interfaces to Sage etc.

✓ In-house or in the cloud

Document Management

digitale storage with archive

Digital storage with versioning
Store and archive documents

✓ Automated digital storage for files and documents

✓ Import via email, scanner or external interfaces

✓ Automated recognition via OCR or metadata

✓ Automatic versioning of documents

✓ Personal desk and dynamic views

Automated business processes with
innovative workflow management

✓ Intelligent workflow management for business processes

✓ Automatic data exchange with Sage etc.

✓ Data transfer to external applications via XML, TXT or CSV

✓ Workflow activation through external web services/URLS

✓ Modern REST/JSON interface for own applications

Workflow Management

fulltext search

Full text search in documents
for over 100 file formats

✓ Full text search in over 100 file types

✓ Hot key search from any application

✓ Comprehensive file preview without opening the document

✓ Extremely powerful search performance

✓ Expert search for more specific search queries

Collaborative working through
the Digital Workplace

✓ Automatically monitor and compare document versions

✓ Digital stamps and annotations for documents

✓ Clear and personalised task overview

✓ Secure links for sharing files and documents

✓ Automatic file update and template management