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Innovative. Complete. Easy.

AMAGNO Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace Software For Digital Natives

Benefits using AMAGNO


Electronic Document Management

The document management AMAGNO is one of the leading solutions in Germany with over 10,000 users and hundreds of enterprise customers.

  • Document management software with a breakthrough interface
  • Stand-alone administration, compact training, quick setup
  • No module chaos. No data limits. No page count for OCR
  • Workflow management with numerous interfaces
  • On Premise or Cloud solution with available export any time
  • Import existing file and folder structures

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Advantages of a digital workplace with AMAGNO

AMAGNO is the most advanced document management software of the generation “Digital Natives” for document-centric office work
With a single solution. With attractive design and high degree of automation.p>

Automatic Order

The digital magnets ensure automatic assignment of your files to your tags. Without redundancies.

Impressive Search

AMAGNO’s full-text search finds terms in over 100 file formats in millions of files in seconds.

Easy Workflows

Automate and accelerate your business processes with digital workflows. With optical stamps as before.

Great Teamwork

Collect, discuss and share documents with external people. Easily access your files.

Centralized Storage

Create files, emails, and scanned documents centrally and collectively. Start a search from anywhere.

Secure Work

Versioning and archiving secure your daily work and reach required legal conformity.