On-Premise operation
AMAGNO on your own server

Run the AMAGNO Enterprise Content Management solution on your own server – on your company premises itself or in a data centre. We use the latest technology on tried and tested Microsoft servers and client systems.

You can implement your own hardware and infrastructure as you are used to with your existing IT service provider. On request we can also put together an individual quotation for you with our technology partner Thomas-Krenn AG.

As well as a well-engineered ECM solution, AMAGNO can be implemented within a short time without the need for months of consultation. Needs and requirements can be quickly defined through a solutions workshop. If desired, your employees can also take part at this early stage in order to achieve higher acceptance.

You will find the hardware and software requirements in the documentation.

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One-off investment costs

Get all the licences you need in a one-off package.

From 10 users upwards

On-site operation from AMAGNO is available from just 10 users.

Professional service

With individual adaptions and interfaces where required.

Hardware from our technology partner

Benefit from a technology partnership between two innovative companies who place great importance on the highest product quality and a solution-oriented approach to helping customers.

Below you will find three Thomas-Krenn.AG server solutions with which you can operate AMAGNO in-house. In the Thomas-Krenn.AG online shop you can freely configure the server, directly with a compatible Microsoft Windows and SQL server, and can choose whether to have the hardware delivered to you at the company or hosted at the Thomas-Krenn.AG data centre.

Sale of the hardware is always under the name of Thomas-Krenn.AG and directly from them.

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More requirements and instructions

The following instructions need to be observed for the operation of AMAGNO as an Enterprise Content Management system:

  • The AMAGNO server and AMAGNO client are fundamentally developed for use in virtualised environments and are used in these environments.
  • The AMAGNO client for Windows communicates with the AMAGNO server via encapsulated, encrypted HTTP connection using port 80. AMAGNO is working on creating a connection via TCP/IP using port 808 for accelerated communication.
  • AMAGNO requires sufficient line velocity for communication between the client and the server. This line performance depends on your scope of application of AMAGNO.
  • You must have full administrative access to the server system at the time of installation (Windows server, SQL server if applicable, etc.).

Server handbook as documentation

Please note that AMAGNO is a comprehensive business application. For the installation and configuration of the AMAGNO server there are particular technical prerequisites.

The technical requirements and instructions listed here are designed to provide a broad overview. You can find further, detailed technical requirements, and installation and operation instructions, in our technical documentation.

Questions not related to the AMAGNO software are not part of an existing service agreement. We would be happy to offer support for these as extra services.