Automated and digital storage

Store and archive documents

Digital storage can help rid your workplace of mounds of paper clutter and eliminate time-consuming processes. With AMAGNO, as an innovative and fully-integrated Enterprise Content Management solution, you enter a new era of document management. Your storage and your archive are completely digitalised. This not only saves plenty of space, but a whole lot of time, too.

In the future, you can get back to concentrating on the tasks that really matter and enjoy all of the advantages associated with a digital workplace.

With automated document storage, you not only promote environmental protection through the elimination of paper usage, but you also reduce the time wasted on searching for documents in your company, creating a massive competitive advantage.

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It is easy to set up AMAGNO to automatically recognise and store your files, documents and emails.

Avoid storage silos

Cut back on data usage and avoid different versions of the same file being stored.

Reduce paper usage

Protect the environment and save costs.


Efficient storage

Avoid duplicate files with different versions.


Automated digital storage for documents

With its digital magnets, AMAGNO can file any type of content automatically. You train your documents for automated recognition via OCR or metadata. Based on sources, document types and other information, AMAGNO presents an innovative and dynamic file view.

Scanning and archiving documents

Digitalise your documents via network or TWAIN scanners. Modern scan providers such as Dropscan or Smart Store support you in digitally storing your files. Store printouts at the same time. Import documents received via “hot folders” automatically and distribute them in workflows.

Import files and emails

Whether it be “Save as” from any application, “Send to” or simply via drag & drop: when it comes to importing files and documents, AMAGNO is geared towards your personal preferences. Important emails can be imported manually or automatically using the tried and tested IMAP standard only, and without technically-sensitive plugins.

Prevent duplicates with digital storage

With AMAGNO, there is just one version of each file in digital storage. When files are imported, the system checks whether files with the same content already exist. Not only is the file name compared, but the content via hashCode, too. This means a reduction in your company’s data of up to 30% and an elimination of unnecessary data silos.

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