2. November 2021

Amagno announces new ECM product generation Amagno.App

Amagno announces new ECM product generation Amagno.App

Oldenburg, November 2, 2021. At its online event Amagno.Connect, ECM provider Amagno introduced the new product generation Amagno.App as a multi-platform app to meet the goals of the new generation of employees for digital document processing and workflows.

Working on business processes and documents at any place, at any time, and with any device – this is the new normal of the modern generation of employees, which is being brought into companies from Generation Y. Outdated structures and rigid systems are increasingly being replaced by innovative enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that enable work to be done anywhere, anytime in a digital office. To meet precisely these goals, Amagno’s CEO Jens Büscher presented the new product generation Amagno.App at his online event Amagno.Connect 2021.

Full-featured and on all relevant platforms

The goal of the Amagno.App is to solve document management and business process challenges as quickly as possible. This is all the more important because the new generation of decision-makers in companies uncompromisingly expects an immediate solution, as they are already used to by installing apps.

In the next few years, Amagno will replace its regular client for Windows as well as its browser interface with a multiplatform app that can be used on Windows, iOS, iPad OS, Android as well as on modern browsers and will be available on all relevant platforms.

The goal is full enterprise content management for every device category and will support the capabilities and preferences of each device category – effectively an “ECM on your fingertips”.

Clear novel design

Amagno’s aspiration is to enable full-fledged ECM not only on large devices, such as PCs and Macs, but also to make it fully configurable via smartphones.

Amagno’s new UI strategy provides the user with a central red action button to react to all possibilities in the current situation and considering the user’s rights.

Interactivity with the modern operating systems

In the, the Share menu serves as the basis for starting a search in Amagno from almost all mobile applications. The search results display provides preview graphics with digital color markers of the found terms, including a table of contents, with direct access to the pages of the search results.

Editing files is just as easy with the Amagno.App as it is on classic Windows PCs. Office documents can be edited directly and further edited on other devices when switching devices, e.g. from an iPad on the road to a PC at a stationary workstation.

Importing files into Amagno is again possible with almost all applications without special integrations or expensive tools due to the support of the Share dialog.

Interactive digital documents

Amagno enables high interactivity with digital documents. Amagno generates preview graphics for many file formats and makes them interactive. For example, users can mark terms in the preview and trigger a search via touch or mouse, or copy entire sections of text in other applications via Share. Users can surf between documents and pages via swipe gestures.

Digital annotations via stamp andpen

For users, it is important to keep existing ways of working as much as possible. That’s why the Amagno.App allows numerous annotation types, such as digital binder notes, texts, color markers and lines.

In addition, graphics such as company stamps can be applied to the documents. Amagno automatically recognizes drawing via mouse, finger or pen. Users can write directly on the digital documents, just as they would on paper.

Companies digitally replicate their previous analog stamps, which can be placed directly on the document after a stamp preview to continue the business process.

“The Amagno.App will be the state-of-the-art tool for the daily work of the modern generation of employees and decision-makers for digital documents and processes. The key is the extremely fast availability of a solution, e.g. for accounting or human resources through the Amagno Solution Store, as well as the high user acceptance. I am extremely pleased that we are traveling into this modern future with the Amagno.App. My team and I are very excited about the feedback from users,” said Jens Büscher, founder and CEO of Amagno.


Amagno announces the availability of the first beta version for users of the Amagno Business Cloud in the coming weeks. Interested users can find the keynote and register for the beta newsletter at:

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