19. November 2019

Cloud Computing: How to ride safely on cloudy storage media

Cloud Computing: How to ride safely on cloudy storage media

One man’s meat is another man’s poison – Opinions and tastes are fundamentally different. Especially when it comes to cloud computing. But working in the cloud is becoming increasingly popular: we can access our data at any time and from anywhere and share the information with others in an instant. Before the invention of the cloud, document sharing in particular was far more labour-intensive and nerve-racking.

The managing director of Bitkom Research, Dr. Axel Pols, is well aware of the needs of medium-sized companies: “Most companies cannot and do not want to do without cloud computing any more. Cloud applications are not only more cost-efficient, they are also the basis for sustainable business models.

But in a nutshell: What exactly is Cloud Computing?

From the user’s point of view, cloud computing refers to the demand-oriented use of IT services such as software, storage space or computing power via data networks. The data network can be an internal company or organization intranet (private cloud computing) or the public Internet (public cloud computing). More than half of the companies (55 percent) last year opted for private cloud applications and a good third (35 percent) for public cloud solutions.

Especially for Germans it means “Safety first”!

As nice as it may sound, many companies still have security concerns that make it difficult to move to the cloud. If you look around the realm of surveys and countless studies on cloud computing, topics such as cloud security and cloud compliance are top criteria when choosing a cloud provider. For those interested in the German cloud, this means breathing a sigh of relief. The reforms and ordinances surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have done a lot to protect privacy in cloud computing. This is one of the reasons why the German cloud is regarded as the leader in cloud security. The current Thales Group cloud security study also shows that providers’ cloud security is generally at a high level. With their certifications and encryptions, however, the German cloud providers are putting a spanner in the works and thus raising the security bar for data security.

Of course, despite all possible precautions, security incidents in information technology never fail to occur completely and unfortunately continue to increase. According to the Cloud Monitor 2019 of the market research institute Bitkom Research, 69 percent of companies complain of suspicious incidents in their own systems, while the figure for the public cloud is around 16 percentage points lower at 53 percent. One reason for the higher security in the cloud could be that the provider, in addition to providing various services, is entrusted with a further service portfolio such as troubleshooting, updating software or monitoring IT security, which means that cloud services are always up to date. Due to the countless advantages and potential of this all-round carefree package, many users feel they are in good hands in the cloud and also use it to store critical data. According to Bitkom Research, around 31 percent of German companies store sensitive data in the cloud, and the trend continues to rise.

5 Tips for Successful Cloud Migration

So that your data does not fall into the wrong hands unintentionally and the migration to the cloud is successful, we have compiled 5 valuable tips for you, what you should pay attention to:

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Cloud computing as a driver of digitization

To help your business realize its full potential, your decision makers should develop a comprehensive cloud strategy that also takes into account subordinate goals of digitization and the company’s overall strategy.

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The way to the cloud is not a children’s birthday party

Being there is everything: That’s why your IT project managers should accompany the team from planning through integration to productive cloud implementation and be available as competent contacts in all project matters.

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Security should not be a stumbling block on the way to the cloud

As a potential cloud user, you should identify all your desired requirements and compare potential cloud providers. In particular, security and compliance requirements should be communicated at an early stage.

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Don’t let it get you out of rhythm

Cloud failures are not completely avoidable, but manageable. Critical applications and workflows can ensure the high availability of the cloud infrastructure through a multi-cloud strategy. Developing a contingency plan will help you should the cloud ever be down.

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Cloud security is a long runner

Data security cannot be bought once or rented as a guardian angel. That’s why you should always be up to date on the subject of data security and exchange information with cloud providers so that security gaps don’t play tricks on you.

In times of digital transformation, the implementation of new technologies is crucial to position oneself for the future and to show competitors a long nose. The journey to the cloud is certainly no child’s play. But with the right strategies and solutions, even the last obstacles can be cleared away in order to work successfully in the cloud in the future.

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