Use in the cloud
Flexible and scalable ECM

Use AMAGNO in the cloud and benefit from a flexible and scalable operational environment. We offer operation in a private cloud on dedicated servers or in the business cloud on shared servers.

In the private cloud you have the best possible performance and do not share any processing power or bandwidth with other AMAGNO users. The business cloud is the value option for AMAGNO users to increase their company’s efficiency through the use of an ECM solution.

Whether it’s private or business, the data only ever belongs to you and can be exported by you easily at any time, without extra costs, so that you can switch ECM solution. With us there’s no vendor lock-in!

Our technology partner is happy to generate an individual quotation for your private cloud. And of course, you can also implement AMAGNO with your current IT partner quickly and easy.

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Practical monthly invoicing for ECM

No high investment costs, thanks to monthly invoicing.

From 15 users upwards in the private cloud

In the private cloud in a dedicated server in the data centre.

From 3 users upwards in the business cloud

In the business cloud in a shared server in the data centre.

ECM in the private cloud

Take advantage of all the benefits of decentralised computing for your future Enterprise Content Management and document management system. In a dedicated server in the data centre of your choice, with guaranteed, high-speed performance. The benefit of operating an ECM in an external environment is clear: you get to enjoy all the advantages of a large data centre, such as failsafe performance, quick network connection, access controls and optimum cooling facilities, but without the hassle of being responsible for and financing setup and operation yourself. In the private version you can use your existing IT partner or one of the AMAGNO technology partners for implementation.

AMAGNO licences are charged monthly, protecting your liquidity.

ECM in the business cloud

Start using AMAGNO quickly and easily with the business cloud option. You rent the licences and hosting directly from AMAGNO on a shared server located in a modern and secure data centre in Germany. There is no effort or expense required on your part for the procurement or operation of your own hardware or software or any other necessary IT infrastructure. We guarantee that we can always be reached and are your first point of contact for any questions on operation of and access to AMAGNO. If your company expands quickly, what we offer can be easily adapted and scaled to your growing requirements.

Private Cloud with filoo

Host your AMAGNO server securely and without complication with filoo, a subsidiary company of Thomas-Krenn AG. They boast over 12 years experience in hosting and offer personalised advice and consultation. The filoo data centre in Frankfurt am Main is TÜV certified, is operated according to tier 3 guidelines and adheres to the n+1 principle. Your data is as protected as possible under all circumstances.

Of course, you can also have your AMAGNO server hosted in a data centre of your choice.

Server handbook as documentation

Please note that AMAGNO is a comprehensive business application. For the installation and configuration of the AMAGNO server there are particular technical prerequisites.

The technical requirements and instructions listed here are designed to provide a broad overview. You can find further, detailed technical requirements, and installation and operation instructions, in our technical documentation.

Questions not related to the AMAGNO software are not part of an existing service agreement. We would be happy to offer support for these as extra services.