Document version control

Data security and compliance with legal standards and regulations

Document version control is one of AMAGNO’s central document management functions. Document version control can be set up either centrally for a complete group or for individual documents. You can choose between no version control, 14 editing days or unlimited versions of a document.

With version control management, it is easy to check when and how a document has been changed and by whom. If a user is editing a document, it is locked for other users and it is not possible to overwrite simultaneously. When the user finishes editing, the members of his or her group are informed via the notification system and can compare all versions of the document without even having to open it.

The built-in version control management is one of the main ways that the AMAGNO document management solution allows companies to be prepared for audits. It is vital to be able to track all changes in business documents quickly and at any time.

  • Version control management available for all documents
  • Group-wide or just for individual documents
  • Comprehensive comparison of all versions of a document
  • Document “check-out” and “check-in” function
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Document traceability is of paramount legal importance.

Checking documents in and out for editing

Standard file systems don’t use version control management. New versions of a document are stored as new files and manually assigned a version number. This is not only cumbersome and time-consuming but can also quickly lead to serious misunderstandings. New versions can often be overlooked, leading to changes being made to older versions. Nothing stops two or more users working simultaneously, saving their own version, or overwriting other changes.

With AMAGNO, a user “checks” the chosen document “out” and loads it onto their personal desktop. Other users now see the document as “Checked out by…”. The document is still available for everyone to read, but no other user can edit it at the same time. Other users are informed via the internal notification system when editing is complete and the document is “checked in” again.

Merging versions

AMAGNO Document Management supports manual merging of different versions to continue with automatic version control.

This is usually necessary when importing documents from a standard file system (from a network drive for example) with manual document version control. Different versions of a document can be easily imported by using the clipboard. AMAGNO Document Management then takes over the automatic version control.

Old versions of documents can also always be restored.

What is version control management

Version control management refers to systems that are used for recording the changes that are made to documents. All versions of a document are stored centrally with a time stamp and user identification.

All versions form a kind of document chain, with the newest versions of a document at the beginning. Each new version contains a version number, changes, author and date. Changes can be tracked at any time. It is also possible to compare different versions and of course restore previous versions.

With AMAGNO Document Management, the documents to be edited are “taken out” for editing. This is often referred to as “checking out”. Documents that are being edited cannot be edited at the same time by other users, but only be viewed. This prevents simultaneous editing and mutual overwriting of new content changes.

AMAGNO Document Management version management recognises changes and displays them in the version history of the individual document. This means that changes can be quickly identified, even without having to open the document.

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Version history and display of the changes in content (right) in AMAGNO