11. July 2022

Amagno releases version 6.6

Amagno releases version 6.6

Oldenburg, 11 July 2022. The enterprise content management provider Amagno has released its new Amagno version 6.6 with over 160 innovations and promises numerous detail improvements for users.

ECM manufacturer Amagno promises many small changes in its release presentation at the beginning of the new week. In particular, version 6.6 is to contain the implementation of many customer and partner requests, such as automatic login via AzureAD. In the future, users will be able to log in to Amagno via their AzureAD without having to enter their user data. Furthermore, when copying stamps, the icon as well as the actions are now also copied. All those for whom the number of documents in lists is relevant will from now on find it in the footer of the application in every display type.

In addition, the document ID is now available in stamp actions. Among other things, this can be used to enable a direct document call in Amagno via an email link. In this way, sent e-mails can be given an Amagno call in the context of workflows, for example. Amagno version 6.6 also includes the ability to apply optical stamps or annotations to documents without a preview.

“A large part of the new features in Amagno include the scaling technologies on container technology, to which we have been converting Amagno for two years,” says Amagno CEO Jens Büscher and adds: “Almost all new customers are already opting for Amagno’s cloud solution, as companies can hardly afford and want to afford the specialist staff and infrastructure as well as the necessary security technologies. Cloud solutions are ready to go immediately and users love being able to use the ready-made standard processes for accounting, contracting, HR and many more in minutes.”

Improved document view in the client

Version 6.6 also offers a further innovation with the improvement of the document view in the client. A double click on the scroll icon allows you to go directly to the first or last page of the document. Direct scrolling from the first to the last page of the document is now also possible with the updated version. The same applies to jumping to the beginning or end of a document.

Another new feature in version 6.6 is that every user can now exit folders via the menu of his or her object bar. This is particularly relevant when users no longer have rights in a repository. The update also includes the removal of RegEx for new rules and the addition of new functions to the API. Thus, document types and their categories can now be created, changed and deleted, as well as the existing feature sets. This is the basis of the future new interface generation Amagno.App, which is already available to Amagno Business Cloud users for pre-testing at and will replace the classic Amagno interfaces in the next few years.

Further information on Amagno and version 6.6 is available at

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