FAQ about AMAGNO Business Cloud

Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the AMAGNO Business Cloud

Read the answers to the FAQ regarding the AMAGNO Business Cloud.

This FAQ answers the most important questions about our Digital Workplace and DMS in the cloud, including details regarding requirements and other commercial queries.

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General information and questions on the AMAGNO Business Cloud

Why is AMAGNO different to other cloud storage products?

Most Enterprise File Sync & Share technologies (EFSS) and document cloud storage options you can find online only provide basic file and document management functions. AMAGNO provides document management too but goes far beyond with a whole suite of enterprise and business functions to complement file and document management. Examples:

  • Several different options to import from your file system and directory, via email and by using your desktop scanner.
  • File preview of over one hundred file formats.
  • Extremely powerful full-text search for over one hundred file formats.
  • Text recognition with the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.
  • You can choose, “name” and classify the Meta-data you need from your documents (tagging).
  • Automatically tag and classify data in documents, assign values (meta-data).
  • Integrated business workflow functions, e.g. purchasing workflows, incoming invoices, quality control, audit trail, internal controlling, contract management, human resources, payroll management, automatic and manual archiving, personnel record management and much more.
  • Legally compliant long-term archiving. Records and data storage according to and beyond the highest legal requirements.

How and where does AMAGNO save my files?

AMAGNO encrypts and transfers your files to its internal IT infrastructure in certified data centres based securely in Germany. AMAGNO stores the files in their encrypted, anonymized and compressed data form on these servers. Only by using the powerful AMAGNO software libraries is it possible to gain readable access to the files. Our transparent data protection system also protects your data from access by AMAGNO itself or from any AMAGNO employees. To enable the AMAGNO software to offer certain functions, such as previews, thumbnails, text recognition or dynamic search for more than 100 file formats, copies of the data are temporarily decrypted, processed, and then destroyed on the servers for this recognition process (indexing). There is no access by external providers or external third parties to any of the data.

Where is my data located?

On secure and certified servers in Germany.

Can private individuals use AMAGNO?

Of course. We highly recommend it! You can download a 300MB version for free from our website. This way, you can try it out and discover how you can use AMAGNO to get the best benefits for your business, organisation or project.

How can I import my files and documents into AMAGNO?

When using the AMAGNO Client for Windows:

  • Desktop scanners via TWAIN
  • Network scanner via SFTP (optional)
  • Single file import
  • Import of entire folder structures via drag & drop or via import dialog
  • Email import via drag & drop or IMAP
  • Developer Interface REST/JSON

Can I export my files and documents from AMAGNO?

You can export ALL your files, structures or entire folders at any time, whenever you decide, and without any charges. Export all versions of files, or just the originals, and you can even export the structure they are currently in in AMAGNO. You can also export meta-data from AMAGNO as CSV, TXT or XML. With AMAGNO you can also use the REST/JSON API for external access or to export data. You are free and independent when it comes to exporting or retrieving your files, no hidden strings attached.

How does the AMAGNO cloud version compare to the On-Premise version?

The AMAGNO Business Cloud is not some sort of “Mini ECM”, or just a basic EFSS solution, as is the case with some options on the market when comparing On-Premise to Cloud or Hosted versions of the software. The AMAGNO cloud DMS solution includes virtually ALL the functions that the AMAGNO On-Premise offers. Naturally however, certain administrative functions (i.e. which correspond to settings that you would configure yourself if you used your own IT server for AMAGNO On-Premise) such as security settings, AD connection, etc. are restricted – to ensure the security of the Business Cloud. If you would like more information regarding this, please contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more about it!

Why would a company choose to use the AMAGNO Business Cloud instead of the On-Premise version?

When you install AMAGNO On-Premise on your Windows server, you control your own data storage and database. This means that you are responsible for the maintenance of your system environment. The On-Premise version allows you full administrative control over your IT security, backups, etc. When you use AMAGNO On-Premise, the AMAGNO Support team will only take care of queries regarding the AMAGNO software, and will not be able to support you (for obvious reasons) with your own Windows Server etc.

If you use the AMAGNO Business Cloud: we take care of all of this. We look after the hardware, infrastructure, data storage, databases, performance, connection, security etc. All you need to do is download and connect.

In the long run, if you consider the costs and overheads involved in running and maintaining your own IT infrastructure, hardware and services (including specialist technical personnel or external service providers), the AMAGNO Business Cloud solution will probably work out significantly cheaper than an On-Premise installation.

Can I switch from Business Cloud to On-Premise?

Yes, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind. You can export your files and structures from the AMAGNO Business Cloud to the On-Premise version at any time. However, all of the information such as users, settings, workflows, meta-data, versions, etc. will not be available in the On-Premise version after you import. It will be like starting from scratch, due to legal compliance reasons. We recommend that you make the best decision when considering the mid and long term, when you start. As mentioned, you can download and try the AMAGNO Business Cloud (300MB version) for free whenever you like.

Is the AMAGNO Business Cloud "certified"?

The AMAGNO software is certified, so -> Yes!

This very general question covers many topics. Please also read our web page on Data Security and Privacy, as well as the various blog articles on the topic. We go into detail regarding how AMAGNO can be used in light of the EU legislation on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as the Fiscal Code of German tax law (AO) and the German Commercial Code (HGB).

FAQ about AMAGNO Business Cloud pricing and support

Can I test the AMAGNO Business Cloud?

Yes! Just download and use your free 300 MB quota to try out importing files, classifying your documents, tagging meta-data, creating workflows… No contracts, no fees and no time limits. If you like the AMAGNO DMS and decide that you need more storage space, just get in touch and we will find the data package that best suits your needs!

If I download and start using the Business Cloud, does this mean I enter into a contract with AMAGNO? What are my commercial obligations? Am I tied in to paying something later?

No! You can download and use the AMAGNO Business Cloud (300MB version) for free, at any time. No contracts, no fees and no time limits. If you like it and then decide that you want to use our award-winning Digital Workplace and Document Management System for your business, then you just get in touch and then we will talk about data packages, prices, contract terms, etc. Any doubts, give us a shout on our contact page!

Do I have to pay for users that just need to “view” files or have read-only access?

No. Whether you are just testing the AMAGNO Business Cloud DMS software, or if you are already a customer. With the AMAGNO Business Cloud you can always register as many basic user accounts (300MB version) as you need, for as long as you need.

How can I start using AMAGNO Business Cloud for Document Management, Workflows, Collaboration, and more in my company?


  • Visit our download web page and try the 300MB version to see what AMAGNO can do and if it meets your requirements.
  • Contact our team either on the contact page or by email ( hello(at) ) and tell us how many user licences you think you will need. We’ll get in touch asap.
  • Once you are happy with our quote in terms of user licences, data storage, then you just confirm your order and you’re ready to go!

How can I get support while using AMAGNO?

Unless otherwise agreed as part of the terms of your contract, you can use our dedicated AMAGNO Support Hotline, where you have direct contact to our support team. Please visit our support page for more information.

Are updates included in AMAGNO Business Cloud contracts?

Of Course! As an AMAGNO Business Cloud customer you will always have access to the latest version of our software, which we periodically update!