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19. August 2016

Merge documents for automatic versioning

When manually versioning documents, it may be necessary to merge the different versions of the documents. This situation usually takes effect when you import files from the traditional file system that already have manual versioning where the changed file is repeatedly saved with a new name.

Example: You have a document with the name “draft.docx”. Subsequently, the draft is developed further and duplicated with other version numbers. For example, you then have documents labelled “draft_V2.docx”, “draft_V3.docx” and “draft_V4.docx”.

To ensure that you do not lose the older versions of the draft after the import, you should import and merge all existing drafts in AMAGNO. AMAGNO takes care of any additional versioning of your draft from then on.

Merge documents via drag & drop

Use the mouse to drag all documents over one another. Here the logical sequence occurs according to editing status. You first drag the document “draft_V2.docx” to the document “draft.docx”. AMAGNO replaces the original file (V1) with the new editing status. You now repeat this step with “draft_V3.docx” and drag this document to “draft.docx”, followed by “draft_V4.docx” to “draft.docx”.

By merging the documents, you end up with just one file with several versions. The latest editing status (V4) is displayed in this file. In the version history, AMAGNO continues to display all of the old versions and can restore them upon request. The remaining files whose versions have now been integrated into the document “draft.docx” are deleted.

Merging documents via clipboard

Store a document to be merged, e.g. “draft_V2.docx”, in your clipboard. Now click to select the original file “draft.docx”. The toolbox displays the selected file (V1).

Now choose “Clipboard” in the toolbox, followed by the subitem “Merge” to merge the document “draft_V2.docx” with the selected version (V1). Repeat these steps for the other documents.

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Valentin Tomaschek
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