How to: Tipps und Tricks

Our business software is intuitive and easy to use. Nevertheless, AMAGNO does not always fully explain itself. Here we regularly show how to use the most important functions of our ECM solution and, of course, more specialized tricks for experienced users

Document versioning – activation and settings

To ensure revision security in your company, you must be able to track the details of changes to documents and files clearly, and know which employees did what and when. The traditional file system only knows the overwrite function; that is, replacing a document. New versions can of course be saved as completely new files […]

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View and restore document versions

To view different document versions, a versioning of the respective file must be activated and a revised version of the respective document is of course required. AMAGNO displays the different versions of a document in the toolbox. The “Versions” tab page displays the following information and options: 1. The green status bar shows the relevant […]

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Merge documents for automatic versioning

When manually versioning documents, it may be necessary to merge the different versions of the documents. This situation usually takes effect when you import files from the traditional file system that already have manual versioning where the changed file is repeatedly saved with a new name. Example: You have a document with the name “draft.docx”. […]

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Display documents and images on other screens

In some situations, it is necessary to compare the contents or appearance of documents with each other. For example, in the case of processing electronic invoices in financial accounting or checking to see whether a delivery note already exists for an invoice. To this end, alongside being able to quickly research and find information in […]

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